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# YouLead17: Talent is Genius

I am happy to know Taye Balogun.  He is a Producer, Lecturer, Photographer, social developer, Activist, Pan Africanist and he is “woke” among many things.
Taye Balogun is without doubt one of Africa’s finest brains in the world of Art and certainly his name stands out on the global scene, too.  
Taye is a Success; being friends with him promises a future of great inspiration and catching on the spark of ultimate sophiscation, because that is who he is: working with you was and still is something I will live to appreciate my brother, let’s rock on!

Taye is an intelligent, hardworking, kind and honest man; he will not just sit idly by and see talent go to waste, just like he can’t fail to speak up on social justice issues. Under “Music is our Weapon” Project, a documentary that tells of Sarabi, Taye Balogun passionately pushes for recognizing the unsung hero in Mandela —he says; “As a filmmaker, their back story was compelling and I could see that it was a good story. I never revealed to him that I wanted to make their film but in the middle of the conversation, I declared that, ‘You have a fantastic story and I want the world to hear your story”.—and to this; Mandela responded, “We just want to change the world, our environment and use this music to give a voice to the voiceless”.

As I earlier wrote in the Sanity in get writing, this is what we talk about when we talk about owning your voice; “I am a stubborn person at times; I don’t “fight small wars” or react [see; respond] to things that are so small, in most of the social media expletives and blogs I have written through the years (even in real life). If one thing, above the all motivates me, it is “the pride in me”. Yes, pride is a motivator, as is written: Prove people wrong. They say it can’t be done? Do it. They tell you it is a waste of time? Waste away. Never let anyone define for you how to be, how to use your time, or what you or anyone is capable of. Turn the naysayer into a competitive guidepost, recasting every doubting Thomas into a secret twisted cheerleader. However, be careful not to cop out into spite: don’t center on them, they are just ammunition. Take their judgment, harness it into your next pride, and ride them past the fools over the hills, and towards a dream. When I thought writing this piece, I told myself one thing, I was going to commit the writer’s chief sin: recommend it as my “babyfor my readers—read on.

The world needs men and women of courage, resilient souls; grace-filled brothers and sisters: a universe of personhood and human decency. Sometimes the most disturbing question isn’t whether I am doing enough to please the world but rather, whether I am doing extra-ordinary things. At times, the extra ordinary isn’t about doing much, it is doing a little but with a purpose of lightening someone’s burden, and in the end that is what is reflected unto the world. Save for the present-day social media melodrama, where “idiots” are making a “change”. In a world where there is hopelessness, the extra-ordinary is giving someone a glimmer of hope—that tomorrow, no matter how blurry it is today, is going to be better. In a world of lack, providence is the real hero. That is extra ordinary stuff, don’t look any further.

At EAC.L-R & R-L; Fahad, Grace, Taye. Sahlim, Gael & Kefa
At the East African Youth Summit 2017; where I was one of the bloggers, Taye eloquently told the youth solid truths; he said, “Talk is cheap; what have you done? Don’t wait for someone else; Do it. ” Precisely—become who you really are

As author and biologist, Bruce Lipton, so passionately explains, during the first six years of our lives, our brains exist in a hypnotic, trance-like state, such that we passively absorb, record and believe the things that are impressed upon us from the outside world.
And no matter which perspective appeals to you, it all boils down to this: authentic happiness and total wellness are your natural birthrights.

You have a unique purpose to fulfill in this lifetime, even when your role seems small. So, your second key to transforming your dreams into reality is to love who you are. From there you can revive the true self, rewrite your self-description, and rebuild the living temple of your authentic self.

Brother Taye; we got a whole lot of unfinished business but one step at a time; we are going to continue radiating to others what we find. Love you brother; I am at your service whenever you need me. Blessings!


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