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Hillary Clinton is Presidential

I want to begin with what Donald said about Hillary as he openly endorsed her for the job: “she is a fighter and she never quits, I admire that about her”.

The last many three decades of the republican witch-hunt on the Clinton family have molded the incoming 45th of the United States, Hillary Clinton: she and her husband have been through the fire but have still soared so high, proof positive that nothing baffles the achemes of the enemy like a composed soul. Being a Clinton maybe hard but might as well be one of the most rewarding experiences in self-composure and self-discovery. As I said in the first debate commentary; for those who had doubts, she mopped the floor with an ignorant bigot—she did it again and we are proud of her.

The last couple of days have been filled with the most sickening news of the republican flag bearer’s advice; “Grab their p***y”; seeing many republicans un-endorse their nominee and billions of people around the world have the republican party for a laughing stock for electing a bigot and outright misogynist: there is no political figure who represents the failure of the capitalist western system more drastically than Donald Trump.
The abnegation of humane values and public decency—the apostle of greed and the king of con; the last debate and this one, America is aware a man who thinks the tax-paying citizens are dumb, unlike his “smart act” of evading taxes, would be president if they didn’t take his thievery seriously.Mrs.Clinton didn’t mince words at the debate, she said, and I believe her totally: “What we saw and heard on Friday was Donald Trump talking about women: what he thinks about women, what he does to women, and he has said that video doesn’t represent who he is; but I think its clear to everyone who heard it, it represents exactly who he is”—that’s why he is headed for a landslide loss on November 8th, GO VOTE!!

I have wracked my mind on what and how I would address the way Donald Trump until I was reminded of an old adage; “a stiff apology is a second insult”. What Donald Trump did and has continuously done is try to find a comparative advantage over the ISIS and he is dumb enough to suppose that makes a better candidate—he has to remember he is not running with the ISIS but Hillary Clinton. Yet he goes offevery time he is questioned into the assault on women. He has said again and again; “ate least I am not as bad as ISIS”.who does that? Is that even a speaking point?—he has run a campaign of hate on a whole religion of Islam and yet even desperately wants to compare himself with the acts of the fruits of his good work, remember his hate rhetoric has aided in recruiting fighters.

Mrs. Clinton succinctly put it before the Donald saying and reminding Donald Trump about the true American creed; though not directly saying it, she said: “We have had Muslims since George Washington. We have had religious freedom and liberty through the years. Religious tests are completely unwise and dangerous. We are working with the Muslims to fight ISIS; wecan’t turn our backs on them”. I have not for once understood whether this man, Donald Trump ever listens to his proposals but of course the answer is not one to struggle with, he doesn’t but just spews whatever he comes across in his mentally deranged mind.

Now this goes to the bible thumpers, here is a message: As I wrote earlier in STRONGER TOGETHER; “Trump wants us to follow the brits in a corner of isolation—by race, religion and trade. His philosophy, the rant besotted boob making things up in public, is anti-American. In rejecting our former colonial masters, we threw off monarchy, the class system and a state religion. We opened our doors, to all nations, all religions and all opinions”—If we read the bible with you, again, we settle it.Genesis 13:17: “Go; walk through the length and breadth of the land for I am giving it to you”.

I have shared my work with millions of Americans and I have been read by billions all over the world. I at times get some of those mean comments asking me to stay in Uganda and not talk about America.Well, I know quite something about the United States and my vantage point of view is strictly from an informed point of view; I am not a pen monger; I study before I write. I have had Sec Clinton call out Donald Trump on taxing the rich and his isolationist proposes. Quoting from a legendary writer who shares the same story as mine, Thomas Paine. In his letter to the addressers that he wrote in 1792 as quoted in the complete writings of Thomas Paine pg.32 (696):

“If I expose fraud and imposition of monarchy and every species of hereditary government—to lessen the expression of taxes—to propose plans for the education of helpless infancy, and the comfortable support of the aged and distressed—to endeavor to conciliate nations to each other—to promote universal peace, civilization and commerce—to break the chains of political superstition and raise degraded men to proper rank; if these things be libelous, let me live the life of a libeller,and my name of libeller be engraven upon my tomb”.

Donald Trump and his campaign have been singing mud at Sec Clinton, as did the republican select committee over her mails, yet didn’t find anything to pin her down. At the first and second debate, she emphatically said she is sorry for having used a private email address but the Donald, who never apologizes for anything is quick to play the moral police time and again.Well,she she had some words for him and they should sink deep, Donald: “I have been privy to classified information as a senator; where I was voted overwhelmingly,twice.I am careful with classified information because I know what it is”; do you read that?Don't mess with the wrong girl, Donald.

I wrote; in the tribute/memoir I wrote for President Obama & Michelle, whiles quoting Clare Forlan: ““For all the hype surrounding the high profile attacks led by Trey Growdy,the chair of house select committee in Benghazi, republicans have so far failed to unearth capable of sinking Clinton’s political prospect”. Now if there is anything that makes me sick; it’s the false equivalence rhetoric that Donald that some people peddle in to slide Mrs. Clinton down the gutter—I am done with the she is flawed rhetoric; ‘the she is the lesser of the two evils rhetoric’. Listen up: You’re flawed—i am flawed, Barack Obama is flawed; so is Michelle, Bernie Sanders,you can bring on more people to the list. But hey;the most important difference is that they have served the public with their flawed selves in ways we haven’t. What Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been and still is about is; an intelligent woman who is here to save us from a narcissistic sociopath—I am not just talking about America. I am talking about the whole world. I saw Donald Trump fall into a trap; I don’t know whether anyone noticed. A man whose campaign has been dressed in “I am the best; I am loved by women; I am a smart man, list goes on—on hearing Mrs. Clinton say she loves his kids didn’t want to miss endorsing her, if you remember how the article opens.Well,that true, she is what America needs right now. First watch this Open letter to Donald Trump:

Since its less than a month to the election day, I will fetch something from an article I wrote earlier on the joy that comes with having the Clintons in the white House for the second time;I will offer President Obama’s words captured therein as a re-enforcer for her remarks on fixing the Obama Care and how she has been in the trenches fighting for women, not just in America but the whole world: “I came down to Charlotte today because I believe in Hillary, and I am asking you to have her back in November. This election isn’t really a choice between left and right or the Democratic or Republican. This is a choice between whether we are going to cling to some imaginary past or move into the future. This is about whether we have America that works for everybody, or just those at the top. Hillary has been fighting for years—fighting for working families and the kids, and fighting to make sure everybody in this country has a fair shot (and she has got the scars to prove it).She believes that America’s future is ours to shape, and she’s got what it takes to lead us forward .She understands that we make our own destiny, and that we are always the strongest together. I couldn’t agree more. And that’s why I am with her”.

In the recent article on the blog, MY AMERICAN JOURNEY, where I envision a Hillary Clinton presidency as the last ounce of hope—because of the nightmarish reality that tags along a Donald Trump presidency, I was crystal clear; as so many have emphatically said and as Hillary Clintons message of a united path goes, America is stronger as one (STRONGER TOGETHER), thanks to you President Obama for that wonderful emphasis.Dont boo, go vote, let’s go and win this election.



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