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“El Sol sale para todos/ the sun shines for everyone.”

Grace Abaho Sr We cannot live lives of other people but we can be authentically ourselves by the lives that give us a definition of hope, a look beyond the abyss we might be into, a way through our messy lives and a path to the bright side of life. Often the unfortunate part, we are blinded into the thoughts of repetitively thinking that somewhat, rock bottom is our place to stay, that as long as nobody lifts us up, we are never going to make it through: that is a lie, rock bottom is not a conclusion, it is a foundation. Yes, you may need someone but the first person you need for self-liberation is you. At times your help, even the one you expect so much, so soon, may take so long to come through, or even never. Once you pick your stead, tell your story, this is what this article is about— that a Paradox is also a way of being that’s key to wholeness, which does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life. The ancient Greek philosopher Epic

The citizens or the government? Whom shall we be afraid of? A case for Dr Besigye

Every time I see Besigye smiling, I smile Every time I hear he is well, I pray for better days Every time he is tortured, I stand out to his plight Every time he is jailed, I see the hypocrisy of the jailer Every time he has a court appearance, I wait for the next lie they have against him Every day that passes, I don't get it: Why is a man the Museveni government claims lost the election; so popular than the one they foist on us? When will justice be served? Shall the president of the people continue to be harrased? All these questions I don't have immediate as answers, But I know: it takes us, the people. Don't demonize us. Don't torture us. Don't take our Patience for stupidity. Don't think its okay to suffer at your expensive. The Museveni government,do you copy?                                                  - Grace Abaho Sr. ™    ©For Dr.Besigye Now about Museveni’s slew of lies,they can go on and on if I were to begin.

If you can't learn to love, don't love at all.

Photo Credit The Question of who messed up in the relationship always finds a very quick accusing finger; it is the person telling the story of a heartbreak that ultimately has the answer: suggesting the other party screwed up everything. This is both true and false, for the most part; it is the accusing finger that really messed up stuff. We should get used to taking the blame, we should unlearn looking for someone to blame, and we ought to learn to love: loving is learned , it is mastered, and it is a repetitive cycle of working very hard to be better lovers. I think it takes a long time to find an article that resonates well on love. When I find one, I wish every one of us that aims at being a better love reads it, because love is the most important and strongest force on earth. We want beautiful pure adulterated love but we are so lazy to make an effort to earn it, we forget love needs some effort, some refute that but here’s the reality especially when everything g

Life is for the Living

Age brings losses and perspective I guess. Today ,when laid eyes on this, I saw only blessings. After all these years, I am sane enough to notice that none of us is perfect; 'we trust our instincts as we fight our daily fights, some we win, some we don’t-but some we will only know in time. But we live each night and day hopeful that today's sacrifices have worth it—that our instincts haven't led us astray, we do our best because this journey is worth our best—dare to be. There are people in our lives who discourage us from pursuing our dreams, often because they have given up on theirs. Ironically, you have to smack them awake by becoming a ray of hope to them as you move on with yours. People need to see the forest through the trees. Don’t confuse motion with progress . A 'rocking' horse keeps moving but doesn’t make any progress. In his book, Man's Search for meaning , Viktor Frankl writes: everything can be taken from a man but one,the last of hum

None of us is perfect, thrive on.

I am a flawed human being, I self-acknowledge that I am and that helps me face my demons. Unlike so many of my peers or worse people older than I am, they want to hide in plain sight and present themselves as the angels the lord just sent to save the world. Like so many people out there, I have seen both light and darkness in my life but every way that comes through, I see darkness as the means through which we all know the power of light: light is what shines in a place full of darkness, not what presents itself as light. To see the darkness, you have to know what there is in a dark place. Sometimes telling a story about our lives is hard, or we don't know how to do it but here is the truth: the difference between despair and hope is just a different way of telling stories from the same set of facts.  Only a small number of us ever self-consciously write our autobiographies. It is a task we associate with celebrities and the very old – but it is, in the background, a univer