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How YouLead Summit re-ignited my spark of genius.

I am proudly associated with YouLead; arguably East Africa’s largest youth gathering. I started with this program (summit) since its inception , in 2017. I had been running a campaign for a coalition I founded, for the Clinton campaign , in 2016, lost an election, had my dreams shattered, and got terribly depressed. I was not sure I would get right back up into anything to do with writing in the shortest time possible: the pain was very unbearable for me and gut wrenching. For almost a full year, I was very depressed, deactivated my old Facebook page and went in the dark. Then one day, someone shared with me a link calling upon bloggers across East Africa. I had built my name as one of Uganda’s finest, with a very big readership but my energies were so low. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do blogging anymore. But, I also needed a new inspiration, something to give me life, to breathe anew. It was a purely volunteer call, no compensation was mentioned but were to be fed and housed the whole