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What does consent taste like?

"Did you actually ask if I was okay with you kissing me?" he asked. "I couldn't wait for your lips to touch mine," he added jokingly. Believe you me, I struggled to stop myself from tasting the Kahlua on his lips. He had had "minted man", and I a "slippery nipple". These cocktail names were the perfect conversation starter and one would would add, a perfect recipe for rape thereafter. While my minted man preferred to spend time in the gin ministry, I found delight discovering what each of the folks in the whiskey ministry was up to. We headed home with the remaining sobriety to unlock the house. He was a tad bit tipsy to force himself on me, and with my loose summoned, anything was possible. Intoxicated, we were now inside the ho. He asked me if I wanted to shower and pointed me to the bathroom as he fixed us a late-night snack. Omlette? How do you like it? With cheese? How about some pepper? He called out. Every step of the wa

#MeToo Movement Uganda: the untold story.

Source: BBC Rape and sexual harassment are always making news all over the world; what is sad is, for the most part, the victims suffer twice, both psychologically, emotionally and physically sometimes. Being a very voracious reader, I have read so many books and watched so many movies/series that make me cry sometimes. Sometimes you can read something and it elicits a very tough emotional attachment, tearing away just comes handy. Across the aisle, the #metoo movement has taken shape since the Harvey Weinstein saga that made rounds on the internet and other international news outlets. We have seen so many women and sometimes men come out to share their very painful stories, most of which date back to centuries ago. The challenge that comes with these stories is that they are met with a very deadly question for our times: what took you this long? On the question of whether these stories deserve hearing; they should be heard. For me, as I have commented in one of the space