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What Andrew Mwenda gets Wrong, Again.

R-L,Andew Mwenda & Gace Abaho Sr I t’s now not a secret, my intellectual friend has officially resigned to have his pen for hire or else he simply doesn’t pay attention to the horrifying realities of the present-day Uganda Police and all there is to the illusion of justice—with false claims that it’s the masses who are bad and not the police; well, videos and pictures if well studied show otherwise. I cannot offer any sound rebuttal if I don’t remind you where it is coming from, see ‘old man’s words’: “ Over the past few weeks, the police and its inspector General Kale have been in the eye of the storm. The opposition sees Kayihura, and correctly so, as the biggest stumbling block in their pursuit of power. He has tenaciously blocked their rallies and riots. So they want him removed. They have successfully used social media to demonize him ” W hat Andrew Mwenda is doing in those words is nothing but being a hypocrite of epic proportions—the direct equivalent of a ‘ b

Choosing to be a bystander in the face of oppression.

JUSTICE QUOTE BY Dr.KING.PHOTO SOURCE: HERE We live in a nation devoid of justice and hostile to truth. We live in a nation that acquits the guilty, condemns the innocent, calls good evil and evil good: once you come to terms with this, you will no longer be shocked by anything no matter how outrageous, depraved or wicked. Justice exists? Sadly we do not live in such a nation, we live in a nation where those who disagree are treated as aliens and second-class citizens, a nation where the people driving the nation under the bus still see themselves as the only men in the arena of ‘good leadership’—meanwhile, they are not averse to lining their pockets through profiteering and utter corruption. They frequently mouth justice speeches at heroes and ‘liberation’ days but their conduct indicates those are just words. I have been threatened time and again to drop my pen but I refuse to have my pen lined for hire. If using my pen to fight for the restoration of civil liberties is a

Donald Trump lies through his teeth

A meme:KEEP AMERICA GREAT I hope this letter finds you in good health and I pray you have the knacks to read it—I know you for a man who hates inconvenient truths. I will begin by introducing myself such that you may know the next nickname you have to manufacture as is your infamous talent . I am Grace Abaho Sr of Uganda , a universal citizen who adores America so dearly and supports Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have known you for some good years but for two things as I have said before—filling for bankruptcies[whenever you wanted to play in to thievery, for the four recorded times ] and two; when you hit the road for Presidency with bigotry and asinine remarks that no one else in recorded History has beaten. I am here to emphatically say that you are nothing but a con artist; a man who uses people for his benefit: I know you are desperately courting on that self-same stupidity to carry you through but I want to promise you it will not. I have hope in American people, yo

The Power of Self Worth

I can shake off everything as i write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn—Anne Frank. O ver the years, for a while now, I have written expletives on social media: very insightful, informative and educative; this statement is limited to those who pay attention. Like the people that inspire my life of Activism :   Martin Luther King, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, Albert Camus, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Ellie Wiesel, Maya Angelou, Anne Frank, Michelle Alexander, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton among others. From these people I have learned innumerable lessons, they have been instrumental especially in charting the road ahead and who I have turned out to be today. The words from one of my literal mentors  C. Joybell. C , can best tell how and why my audacity of hope is always shinning anew every day of my life: “ I have come to accept the feelings of not knowing where I am going. And I have