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If only Andrew Mwenda listened more

I thought last year was the last time I would feel so   “outraged” to respond to this man’s sly comments but I was so wrong, we are just started; the good news is that somewhat   it is necessary for this kind of thing to go and on—the thing here is whiles every attempt I have made has been dressed in casual clothes, Andrew seems to have issues of being regarded unintelligent when he gets some inconvenient truths:no, Andrew, you are intelligent—take heart; problem though, you are a very poor listener. At your age and the years you have been in the media things, you should be the first to know that criticism isn’t a bad thing. I will not say you are gay, as some allege, but if you are going to understand this I am going to first state my place: my vantage point of view is that you have built a false assumption that those who don’t subscribe to your doctrine and ideology are dumb and stupid, you have tried that stunt before , it wasn’t good news for you if I am to remind you; j