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Love Well

What to me is the lens of Love: an eye for my dream family. If there is something that surely initiates maturity, it’s Parenthood—when you have a kid(s) of your own, all these questions come rumbling at you—how will my child(ren) live; survive? Where will they stay and with whom? What influence? How will they turnout?. All these are very tough questions but the deal breaker is that they can’t be avoided, you have to gird you roins like a man and look for answers—at times these answers are very hard to find, in the event of frayed relationships,the binding force could be those children: Love is what stays in the midst of all that can go wrong, that’s the lens of Love . When I sit down to write about love, my heart melts because I know it so well that love is the most important thing on earth. I was talking to a friend recently in a chit-chat and I remember eloquently signaling this, ‘if there is one thing I talk about with Authority, it is Love’—I have loved, been loved and