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Hillary Clinton is certainly prepared to be President

President Obama & Sec Clinton having a chit-chat
The Question of whether she is the most qualified candidate America has ever had for a presidential candidate has never been so answered; for those who had doubts, she came to stage and spoke it with illustration(s), verve and swagger throughout the 90 minutes of the debate at Hofstra University. She eloquently made it clear to her opponent that not only did she prepare for the debate, that her opponent seemed to have been so yappy about; but also proved and lived to the hype of what was expected of her: she mopped the floor with the Donald, I have never laughed so loud, at an ignorant bigot being thumped by an intelligent woman.

Hillary Clinton at the Debate.Source:Huffington Post
The greatest riddle of this political time; the election time, is one: will Americans hand over the presidency to the man whose ignorance is covered under the avalanche of lies and delusion of grandeur—I attempted to draw a clear cut for this bigot and outright racist, I came up with an idea and I don’t intend to keep it a secret; Donald Trump is a true definition of fundamental mental derangement. It is not secret that Donald Trump built his campaign on racism and bigotry and has sailed along with the ignorant and equally bigoted white supremacists and another seriously ignorant sect of the American voters. While so many may have waited for this man’s rhetoric to change, it’s the biggest illusion anyone can be blinded into, he can’t go against something that gives him the attention he desperately loves: Donald Trump has an attention deficiency disorder that bred the birther movement that he has since promoted that even the last ounce of hope for him to apologize to President Obama has hit a futile attempt. The bigot doesn’t seem to notice saying sorry would have sort of redeemed him but we are so ‘lucky’ to know what precedes his rhetoric—utter racism and outright white supremacy.

Hilary Clinton gives word salad to the Donald at the debate
One of the plays I did in my earlier school days, THE TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare will help me explain how dumb Donald Trump is.The truly intelligent Hillary  Clinton called this bigot and cheat to his refusal to release his tax returns; he stupidly responded claiming to be a smart man who doesn’t pay taxes, actually even doubled down after the debate in an interview saying it again—that should insult the intelligence of every hard working American citizen to find a con man like the Donald leading a major party and the shame should tag along with the whole batch of the republican party that are promoting this empty head to the biggest job on earth.Well,I want seal this with one of the characters from the Shakespearean play,Malvolio,an equally stupid man like Donald Trump. Not knowing he was making a mockery of himself, Malvolio utters these words: “some people are born great. Some achieve greatness and to others greatest is thrust upon them”—hand so is the man who says he is smart by evading taxes.

What Americans ought to realize is that the job to be president is not one where anyone who can write his name correctly ought to seek, it takes more than this, it takes intelligence and a sane temperament—that Donald Trump lacks epically. A man famous for “Aleppo moments”; Gary Johnson, who can definitely spell and right his name rightly is out there,too,running to be president of the biggest nation: the most recent being; Gary Johnson can’t name the leader, of the world leaders, that he admires so much—I saw him on national television, he deflated!

This election season has been one about addressing the different perils that the United States is facing today and one of the key things is the issue of religion—one of the presidential candidates has built his infamous campaign on the lame rhetoric of religious tests and building walls, mistaking that utter foolery for the move to make “America Great Again”; totally bonkers in all truth and honesty. I will be very quick to fetch something that I find very relevant from October 3rd 1983; a speech by Edward M. Kennedy, Truth and Tolerance in America, at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.A very relevant and important extract almost over 40 years ago:
“there are those who do, and their own words testify to their innocence.Forexample, because the moral majority has worked with members of different denominations, one fundamentalist group has denounced Dr. [Jerry] Fallwell for hastening the ecumenical church for “yoking together with roman Catholics, Mormons and others”. I am relieved that Dr.Fallwell doesn’t regard that as sin, and on the issue, he himself has become the target of narrow prejudice. When people agree public policy, they ought to be able to work together, even while they worship diverse ways. For truly we all yorked together as Americans, and the yoke is the happy one of the individual freedom and mutual respect

But in saying we cannot and should not turn aside from deeper and more pressing question—which is whether and how religion should influence government. A generation ago, a presidential candidate had to prove his undue religious in public life, and he had to do so partly at the insistence of evangelicals. John F Kennedy said at that time: “I believe in America where there is no religious bloc voting of any kind”. Only twenty years later, another candidate was appealing to to a[n] evangelical meeting as a religious bloc. Ronald Reagan said to 15 thousand evangelicals at the roundtable in Dallas: “I know that you can’t endorse me.I want you to know I endorse what you are doing”. Before I leave this, I want to remind you how the republican nominee can’t name his best verse in the bible, that he claims to read a lot, but can only attempt to rename one of the books of the New Testament, “Two Corinthians”—it is telling and guess what; runs out on that day, he was being endorsed by Falwell Jr at Liberty University.

I have had the luxury of reading the phenomenal Michelle Obama’s thesis on Blacks from 1985; it keeps informing me every time I hear her trump down the lame rhetoric of the Donald. In the letter where I kindly asked her to join the senate and run as president after Hillary’s two terms, I wanted to chip in this extract but I have never found a perfect moment; we will read together from the pages that I capture for this article on purpose—especially more with the lame rhetoric, highly divisive and completely asinine that Donald Trump is selling to his cult of deplorables.I will capture pg. (s) 9 & 15/25 respectively:
“My experience at Princeton has made far more aware of my “blackness” than ever before. I have found that at Princeton no matter how liberal or open minded some of my white professors try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I don’t really belong. Regardless of the circumstances under which I interact with the whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second.{remember some people say the black lives matter movement is a terrorist orgbaisation,let me settle it, read on}
Stokley Carmichael and Charles Hamilton’s (1967) developed definitions of Seperationism in their discussion of black power which guided me in the formulation and use of this concept in the study: “the concept of black power rests on the fundamental premise: before a group can enter the open society, it must close ranks. By this we mean that group solidarity is necessary before a group can operate effectively from a bargaining position of strength in a pluralistic society

If there is anything that the presidential race has taught me, as an eternal optimist, I have often geared myself into the greatest riddle of our time when the perils of fate and all else are at our doorstep—and it is asks the Question loudly, do we just sublime to the fear rhetoric when all proof shows that we can push it through it? Now that is what I would like my American friends to look into. America maybe riddled with some upheavals here and there but giving in to fear isn’t an option to choose, knowing we are stronger together is the viable option, forget the empty and sound-tough  make America Great Again. By the end of next month, many American voters are going to be disappointed in the ignorant choice they made of choosing an ignorant racist to lead them at their party level; that is Donald Trump—it is often called the buyer’s remorse, the Donald is a very rotten apple that I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy. The truth of the matter, Hillary Clinton has been gored, by the impure rhetoric from the republican hate mongers for almost three decades. I will enlighten it with the power of suggestion that many ignorant people follow: “I hate Hillary.Don't you hate Hillary? Everyone hates Hillary’, Umm; Yes I hate Hillary, too, I guess”. If you study psychology, you will not have trouble understanding this, welcome to the human race.

President Obama has a message and it is spot on
When I wrote a letter to President Obama and Michelle, copied in President Bill Clinton and Hillary; I strongly called her a woman of valor. I wrote a piece about month later and said succinctly that Hillary Clinton will do the job. I have written many articles since for and on behalf of a volunteer team from Uganda that has been in her corner throughout. As I wrote the endorsement as a final wrap up before the debates, I thought I was cutting it with a seal on her very much admired qualifications for the job. Here we are, the first debate has spoken and if there is one thing I can’t wait to write, it is the November Success story. The New York Times should be kind to give me space for my column, I pray so.President Obama eloquently said a vote for a third party is a vote for Donald Trump, let’s not fail to hear that message. Go the Voting booth and do what you are supposed to do, “don’t boo, vote”: STRONGER TOGETHER.



  1. I think Trump will win the election because what CNN doesn't realize is that some women are pigs just as some men are pigs!
    It is obvious to me this call for him to back down for some bull shit he said 10 years ago burying Clintons Wikileaks scandal and ignoring their past was planned by the insiders to take him down with political correctness!
    I believe the American common people see through
    the legal organized crime syndicate of the US Government
    and they will fail!!!!!

  2. I think Trump will win the election because what CNN doesn't realize is that some women are pigs just as some men are pigs!
    It is obvious to me this call for him to back down for some bull shit he said 10 years ago burying Clintons Wikileaks scandal and ignoring their past was planned by the insiders to take him down with political correctness!
    I believe the American common people see through
    the legal organized crime syndicate of the US Government
    and they will fail!!!!!

  3. I thought you were talking all the negative comments were talking about Hillary, she is the most deranged, lying corrupt person in politics. There is not one honest thing in 30 years of public office.


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