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Grab him by the ballot

Morality can be so interesting to watch when a very immoral person like Donald Trump is playing the morality police. It has been a turn of events since the last debate—when the Donald learned he was losing terribly, he resorted to the final deep end drive into the conquest for the bottom of the barrel—his campaign has been always about impure rhetoric but this time, he didn’t pretend for a second, what I don’t understand though is why a man would pride in being remembered for the creepiest things ever said for a man as old as 70 years. I have seen the very big hypocrites of the republican party ditch their party leader on the side of the road albeit I can’t fathom why and how they stood on his side this long—if there’s one sure thing, putting up with the stupidity that tags along being in the Donald’s cult is a twenty four-hour exercise equivalence, it’s a very tough place to be: full of vile utterances and always denying facts even understood by a five year old. This article has so many choice words for the Donald but simply put, “Grab him by the ballot, Go Vote on November 8th”—this way, the Donald will lose “bigly, believe me”.

At this point in time, we are aware of two candidates have been in the race, though not limited to them, but majorly them; the very much temperamentally fit and well prepared Mrs. Clinton and the epically unprepared Donald Trump have finally displayed their resume in the last job interview [PS: the Donald as a clinical narcissist and con artist] unto the American people—for certainly, without a shadow of a doubt, Donald Trump has displayed how this election is only and only about him and not the American people: the good news, he is not the only candidate and far from winning, Hillary Clinton is going to win this and I can bet my bottom dollar; it’s going to be one of the most recorded landslide wins in American Political History, if not the best ever. We have learned through the campaign and today night that Donald Trump will only praise the media and all else only when it is in agreement with his ego—if you find anywhere where he doesn’t have issues with inconvenient truths, call me out to set a straight apology: Google; ‘Donald Trump lying again’, tell me what you find.

Aristotle had it right, “when they lose debate, they resort to insults”, we saw that and have seen it through the campaigns—when, and whenever the Donald loses, he turns on the whiny button straight away. It’s hard to explain the narcissism or cognitive dissonance that comes with words from the Donald—even when he knew he was lieing,he falsely claimed there isn’t anyone with respect for women that he has, just a few minutes onward, he called Sec Clinton a nasty woman. Not to ignore and very important to remember, he proudly pushed and shoved the “bad hombre” stereotype. His completely unhinged campaign rhetoric has been and may still be about insulting women, Mexicans, Hispanics and Muslims among many places and other important people inclusive of the sitting president of the United States.

Earlier on the trails, the Donald has put it succinctly inelegantly that if he loses the election, this is going to be a very big recorded waste of time for him and the money, that says a lot. The Donald forgets and has often forgotten that its always not a win everywhere he goes—well, he has pulled those stunts before with the bankruptcies but his very unfortunate part of the aftermath of this bizarre election cycle is that his words are going to determine his place next, if you ask me; that place should be prison and for reasonable years—to spread the sheets even here on why I just wrote that would be asking me to show you a moist corner in the ocean. He has run a campaign of divisive rhetoric and conspiracy theories and also taken his dirty hands to signaling a chaotic revolution once the results aren’t in his favor, which I am confident they will not: asked at the first debate whether he would concede defeat, he charitably signaled yes. Maybe because he was still a little competitive, but as things turned sour onwards because of his lame performances entwined with his asinine rhetoric; he chose the answer tailored towards suspense whiles proclaiming, “not necessarily so”.

Those who have learned from [and paid attention to] the mistakes of History keep looking at the ugly political dictators whose characterization is so beautifully played by the Donald—the name for an example is Hitler, who hunted down the Jews and everyone that was different from him, even the political dissidents. By Donald’s rhetoric, the peace loving and constitution-bending American and world citizens find themselves deeply troubled with what he has begun spewing throughout his entire campaign—extending to what put him in the political spotlight, the birther remarks against president Obama to be specific. Vogue magazine in their endorsement of Mrs. Clinton couldn’t have said it better:
 …..and yet two words give us hope: madam President. A woman won the vote in 1920.It has taken nearly a century to bring us to the brink of a woman leading our country for the first time. Let’s put this election behind us and become the America we want to be: optimistic, forward-looking, and modern. Let’s head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th, and vote

I want to refer to book I read a few years ago that made so much sense to me, FLIRTING WITH THE WORLD By John White. On Pg. 117(153), he writes on the cult of self-worship: “I am grateful to Professor Paul Vitz for alerting me to the specific dangers of this particular fashion in psychotherapy in his book Psychology as religion (Eerdmans, 1977).Vitz, a New York psychologist, coins the term selfism, by which he means preoccupation of one’s own ego, one’s personal fulfillment and the pampering one demands in the name of self-worth”—unless you have been in the cave, Donald’s candidacy and his entire life singularly looks out for mostly what serves his ego, he is a sure-fire egomaniac: he will lie to the teeth as long as he can save face with his ugly lies. Quoting CNN commentator Van Jones,as he quoted LL Cool J’s words from his first album(at the third debate): “he lied about the lies that he lied about”, that is Donald Trump, anything goes as long as it doesn’t bruise his ego.

Girls listen to Michelle Obama.Photo Source:Here
The phenomenal first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, was very accurate when she was addressing Hillary’s opponent’s lewd remarks on women: “I can tell you the men in my life do not talk about women this way. To dismiss this as locker room talk is an insult to decent men everywhere”, she went ahead to passionately talk about how Mrs. Clinton ‘embodies so many of the values that we try hard to teach our young people’. She went ahead to say, “we simply cannot endure this, or expose our children to this any longer— “we are drowning in it,” she said at one point— “In our heart of hearts, we all know that if we let Hillary’s opponent win this election, then we are sending a clear message to our kids that everything they’re hearing and seeing is perfectly O.K to humiliate women. We are validating it,”—we need to recover from our shock and depression and do what women do and have always done in this country, Mrs. Obama said. “We need you to roll up your sleeves; we need to get to work”.

I think it comes with so much irony seeing Hillary’s opponent get so whiny about the unfairness of the media, the real truth is that that is this entire false claim is played-out fiction; if there is anyone that has had an easy ride with the media, its Donald Trump. At this point in time;therefore, I will take my shot to call out Hillary’s opponent to what he is and has been all his adult life. I cannot exhaust the resources of the dictionary to get the real words but I will give it an attempt: Donald Trump is a loathsome reptile, demi-human archbeast,lilly-livered cynical rogue ;an object of disgust, of abhorrence, loathing everything except himself—always going by the chorus[his best signature line], “I am the best at this, believe me”—if I am to believe anything about the Donald, he is nothing but a thoughtless low brain buffoon completely insensitive and devoid of empathy or reason. I am leaving this video here that beautifully compares the Donald to some of African dictators.

Before Sec Clinton declared she was running, I wrote a letter to President Obama praising both he and Hillary for their maturity post the 2008 Democratic Party nominations. I wrote with intent and sound facts one of those articles I still admire, Hillary Clinton will do the job. I have written very many articles since I launched the Ugandan team that has been trolling the Donald throughout the campaign. Millions of Americans that have read my work keep saying that there is a lot of truth in what I present to the world albeit 2 people in 100 have called me Vladimir Putin, accusing me of meddling into American Politics. See, one of the recent articles wrote here, I did quote part of Thomas Paine’s work and I will certainly use his words in this paragraph or more. Like I have said, nobody has been paying me a dime for this and I want to set the record straight, it has been and will be me supporting the right track of History—and yes, if History permits, I don’t mind making History with Hillary Clinton as first female President of the United States. The many things I have learned through life the last 27 years I have been here keep informing me and reminding me these forever meaningful words from Thomas Paine: “the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap; we esteem too lightly; it is dearness that only gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow”—that is why I am and have been with her. There is no quidproquo in this but anything that tags along as reward for saying the truth as it is from millions of miles away is welcome; her story inspires mine and I would love to see mine inspire someone else.

It is important to remember the civics class lessons that I doubt the Donald ever had; and if he had them is utterly willfully ignorant and fantastically stupid by default. Part of what I know from the real American History is that there was a time the slaves built the magnificent White House; and to this, there was a time women were not allowed to vote. I want to us to pause and reflect broadly on two things—it took so many years for the first black couple to live in this white House, that is as I wrote with illustration, the eight golden years of black love in the white House—And I emphatically spread the sheets on how remarkably important this precedes the forthcoming presidency of the first female POTUS,Hillary Clinton: what this says to us is that everything always has to happen at a time and no one can stop the idea whose time has come. I found myself a phrase that I has been handy the last eight years of President Obama: “hope in the face of difficulty; hope in the face of uncertainty: the audacity of hope”—what Donald Trump is doing by thinking he can talk down the democracy that was hard-earned by strong men and women of America, claiming it’s up to him to decide whether he concedes or not is a very wild joke, he should pay for it.

What Hillary Clinton did with her conclusive remarks at the final debate, and what she continued to say at the charity dinner where the Donald was booed is what a modern American president looks like. She, while at the debate made a call to everyone to go and vote by what they believe will keep America safe and at the charity dinner; she eloquently put it: “we need to get better at finding ways to disagree on matters of policy while agreeing on questions of decency”. It seems, perfectly it turns out, the Donald sees his presidency as the “second coming” and he is savior and king; unfortunately of the con.But hey, America and the whole universe deserve(s)better, I am counting on Americans to go out there and give each of these cards the rewards they have worked for—borrowing Van Jones’ words on the Donald, “You can’t polish this turd”.God bless America and the whole world.


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