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"THE OLIVE TREE IN THE DESERT"-BY Grace Brinsley Clives Nor white nor red ever seen So amorous as this lovely green Fair,Quiet,I have found of you here, whose short and narrow verged shade To a green thought in a green shade. Your sacred Leaves,If there above Only among the Plants will grow Meanwhile the mind,from pleasure less, withdraws into its Happiness, No name shall be found but your own. To win the Palm,Oak or bays And their incessant labors Crowned from a single herb,or tree while all flowers and trees do close Fair trees wheresoever your barks I would; To all delicious solitude society is ALL but rude The desert,the ocean where each kind; Does straight its own resemblance find Yet it creates,transcending these. Such is the happy Olive tree-state, After a Place so pure and sweet But it is beyond a mortal's share To wander solitary there; Two paradises it is in one To live i paradise alone.