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My First College Degree

In the book, NEVER LET ME GO , Kafuo Ishiguro writes: “ Memories, even your most precious one fade away surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most—I don’t see them fading ” There are two awesome quotes that will set the tone of the rest of the story and these are: Max Lucado : “I suspect that the most consistent thing about Life has to be its consistencies. Choosing not to be neatly recognised , Life opted to be a tossed salad of tragedies and triumphs, Profanity and purity, despair and Hope. The bad is perplexingly close to the good. The just is frighteningly near to the unfair. And Life? Life is always a clock tick’s away from death. And evil? Evil is paradoxically close to the goodness. It is as if only a sheer curtain separates the two. Given the right lure, at the right moment, aimed at the right weakness, there is not a person alive who wouldn’t pull back his curtain and live out his vilest fantasy.


Photo Source : Personal Archives:  Taken : 2012. Location :2 nd  Floor, Ham Mukasa Library, Uganda Christian University-Mukono. UNINFORMED by definition in my Concise Oxford dictionary tenth edition is defined as: “ lacking awareness of understanding of the facts ” The word Uniformed has an antonym , INFORMED . By the same dictionary and edition, it is defined as: “ having or showing knowledge of (a judgment) based on a sound understanding of the facts. This anti-thesis is based on the antonym against Andrew Mwenda’s false claims that I am uninformed. Teresa Mummert : “ the moment you put someone on a pedestal, they will look down on you—trick is respecting each other equally ” LED BY THESE WORDS : As President Obama said on the 14 th April 2009: “ LORD, fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff and nudge me when I have said enough ” Dear Andrew M.Mwenda a.k.a OLD MAN OF THE CLAN , I can be very many things but uninformed is not one of them-unless you disclaim that you a

Barack . H. Obama, the Lasting Imprint.

I may never be the President of the United States or even my country, Uganda , but I am going to die one day and when I am no longer here, my son and those that read about my name should know that President Obama & Michelle have inspired my person, a lot. I was reading Christopher Hitchens book, Mortality, a while ago and reviews of his memoir, Hitchens 22 , these words really touched me a lot: “ I have more than once woken up feeling like death. But nothing prepared me for the early morning in June when I came to consciousness feeling as If I were shackled to my own corpse ”—he goes on to quote Saul Bellow : “ Death is the dark backing that a mirror needs if we are able to see anything ”. I told my surrogate mother, Tabitha Scaife , I would do this before I leave the face of the earth and she said, “ Do it sonny, I believe you are very well equipped ”. Ma, thanks for elevating my confidence . Love you, to Life!

Eulogising Dad : my father was a hero - cancer robbed us

“Sadness gives depth.  Happiness gives branches. Happiness is like going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously. The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots. In fact; it is always in proportion. That’s its balance”—OSHO.  Setting the tone, I once read the beautiful words of Sue Monk Kidd, and they read: “The truth, in order to heal we need to tell our stories and have them witnessed…the story itself becomes a vessel that holds up, that sustains, that allows us to order our jumbled experiences into meaning. As I told my stories of fear, awakening; struggle and transformation and them received, heard and validated by other women, I found healing. I also needed to hear other women’s stories in order to see and embrace my own. Sometimes another woman’s story becomes a mirror that shows me a self that I haven’t seen before. When I listen to her tell it,