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Let us celebrate Besigye and Winnie, they are awesome.

Photo off the Web A CLINCHER : “Peace is indeed harder than war. Its constant fragility is part of its beauty. A bullet need only happen once but for Peace to work we need to be reminded of its existence again and again”—POTUS OBAMA, while speaking in Belfast Ireland (2013). This tribute will open with one of my favorite words that guide me in doing that which I believe I have been called here to do and it sets the tone for all there is to the millions of words in this piece. The great Randy Alcon in a very well-knit piece of work, SAFELY HOME , writes—on Pg.89 :  “ If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep the streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare composed poetry. He should sweep the streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause and say, ‘Here lived a great sweeper, who did his job well” .


A very important point of reference to begin with, the awesome words of A.J.DarkHome : “The values most important to us are always the most easily exploitable” Photo Source: Internet I n the book, THE JOURNEY IS HOME , the renowned theologian Nelle Murton has these words: “ Welcome to the Human Race ”. It is now very clear that the Museveni government is not in any way going to respect the constitutional rights and Freedoms of the people. It is a shame that a nation which to begin with has God inclusive in the national creed continues to defile terribly everything there is to human decency and Personhood. For a while now this has gone on and yet the populace watches on. I do not blame myself. I have done my part and if anything I don’t like, that many of us hate, I will not have myself to blame. I warned you of foisting a tyrant and demagogue to nation in the call to do the math on the P10 Website and certainly, the agents of darkness didn’t take heed. Uganda is a very young n


We shall open with a quote from Billy Budd , sailor from the complete short Fiction by Herman Melville : “ Truth uncompromisingly told will always have its rugged edges; hence the conclusion of such a narration is apt to be less finished than an architectural finial ” Mr. Museveni and his agents have something that troubles me so very much—their bed of lies—they have fortified a perimeter with a thick layer of egg shells and they expect anyone who comes near to it to tiptoe with caution . And the agents present Museveni as a very delicate flower to us—they demand a very hard thing for me to offer: to be cuddled and coddled at the same time. I have been wondering why our leaders have made it their job to quell down all possibilities of an external audit of the election results but I found a very simple theory: Candidate Museveni & his minions know that he didn’t win the election, so he has to condescend and peddle fiction as much as he can .The French revolutionary J