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America will be safe with Hilary Clinton

Avril Lavigne sung the famous, my happy endings, today; it’s the first thing I thought about in the morning (in the wake of Trump’s asinine remarks): I was reminiscing about an earlier article I read some months ago from the New York Times [HILLARY’S HAPPY BREW]. I am and many of us are aware of the more than two decade witch-hunt from the republicans but someone might be either too insane or too serious to take it next level: Donald Trump just threatened Hillary Clinton’s life, that he claims with his same ole revisionist nonsense is just a joke. I know Donald Trump doesn’t have any rudimentary preparedness for the job, president of the United States, but to try his comedy acting career in a presidential race is telling. I don’t expect anyone to take this man for a child, ‘though he is practically a man-child’, but an existential threat to not just Hillary’s Life but so many people out there and the whole universe.

I have never for once thought about Donald Trump to be fit to even be a principal of a college but it’s not a secret anymore that the crazy republicans choose to hand in this man to run as their nominee, it has never stopped to be spine chilling, republicans certainly never disappoint on their quest for the bottom of the barrel: we know certainly as I write this, the accident comedy gift keeps giving—one thing though, Donald Trump’s plot gets thinner each day, so many republicans have denounced him and its certain his presidential death knell is just around the corner.

What I know for sure about Donald Trump is that we need to be very scared of him, he can’t afford to miss tweet bait, how about the nukes: I said earlier he is the personification of diarrhea of the mouth; to this he never ever disappoints. The fear factor herein though; the more dumbassery he gets, the uglier he spews very unforgiveable things. In the recent full endorsement for Hillary Clinton I wrote here I did warn, with a quote from Albert Camus, it has never been so real:

Albert Camus in the ‘Century of Fear’ writes something that best settles it all and I hope it sets the tone rather perfectly for the air of finality of this endorsement. In the 1984 article published in ‘Combat’, he wrote: “the years we have just gone through have killed something in us. And that something is the old confidence man had in him, which always led him to believe that he could elicit human reactions from another man if he spoke to him in the language of humanity. We have seen men lie, degrade, deport, torture—and each time it was not possible to persuade those who did these things not to do them, because they were sure of themselves and because one can’t persuade those who did these things not to do them because one can’t persuade an abstraction; the representative of an ideology. Mankind’s dialogue has just come to an end. And naturally, a man who can’t be persuaded is a man to be feared”.

And just before that, Deepak Chopra words [as I wrote in the endorsement], that I am going to use here to set the tone for the next paragraphs and reinforce the earlier one(s): “Deepak Chopra writes the best description and eventual end of Donald Trump in America’s shadow: The Real Secret of Donald J.Trump: “the shadow compounds all the dark impulses—hatred, aggression, sadism, sexual transgression—that is hidden out of sight. The name originated with Carl Jung, but its basic origin came from Freud’s insight that our psyches are dualistic, sharply divided between the conscious and unconscious. The rise of Civilization is a tribute to how well we obey our conscious mind and suppresses our unconscious side. But what hides in the shadows will out”. I love being on the right track of History and I am glad like many sane Americans and billions of people all over the world; we are right Donald Trump is the most dangerous thing America can have. Google the Stupidest man on the internet, tell me if the name Trump doesn’t come through.

A man,Joe Walsh, [as I wrote in HEALING AMERICA WITH HILLARY CLINTON], thought it fitting to rub this bigotry to the President Obama and his race, but its crass and completely asinine: “this is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks.Real America is coming after you”. Over the past century America has paid her dues expensively due to being blinded into hate of a man not born the same as the hater: genocide; racism; police brutality; slavery and all the horrible things anyone can think around this line. When someone looks at the heinous crimes that continue to rob America of its safety and cheers on it, it’s rather time to know that America is only stronger together—a wakeup call to stay away from the rhetoric people like Donald Trump are saying. Whether Donald Trump sells the divisive and hate-rhetoric for just being crass, I don’t know but what I know by now is that he seems to be having followers that have taken it to a new scary level, those that think that the “real America” is when people are shooting at each other. In the words of Anna Quendlin, I will settle it with Joe Walsh and the Trump camp: “ignorant free speech often works against the speaker. That’s one of the several reasons why it must be given rein instead of suppressed”.

See: I remember well, Donald Trump’s infamous campaign begun with a very ‘nice’ package of blathering hate and rhetorical cruelty,calling Mexicans rapists and doubled down to call them thugs—down the line calling a woman a pig [that’s Megan Kelly I am talking about]; to a pretty awful line of attacks and ugliness: talking about his "fingers" in comparison with Marcio Rubio’s, to insulting President Obama time and again, calling Sen. Warren goofy and Hillary Clinton, crooked until recently when he called her a ‘devil’. If the FBI hasn’t found the dots to join, I am offering a free line of thought; Donald Trump just crossed a bloody line and it can’t be ignored.

Dear FBI, CIA& Secret Service: It’s not a joke; Donald Trump is very dangerous and if you wear blinders to this threat on someone’s life, we will think you didn’t pay thorough and required attention to it should anything happen. I haven’t lived in America but as a history student, I am aware of America’s rugged history—that’s what really worries me.I know Abraham Lincoln &Martin Luther King Jr were assassinated [chosen for purposes of this article],people America and the whole world  will forever hold in high respect by the history books. In 1963, when  Dr.King was murdered, typically racist and bigoted white men who thought and knew Dr.King was headed to the oval office anytime he looked at the option. Good news, History was re-written eight years ago with President Obama. While the rest of the world waits to watch the re-writing of History with President Hillary Clinton.

It’s not a secret, the small and insecure men, like Sen. Warren once noted, aren’t happy that the solid maths keeps screaming it that yes—Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the next president of the United States and for me, I have already proposed in a letter to Michelle Obama asking to kindly consider joining the senate and be the second female president, after Hillary’s two successful terms. Who wouldn’t want to see History written in all the best and not the ugly forms? Do not answer, unless you disclaim: ‘I am a bigot and I love the worst part’, but yeah, shame upon you would be my only response. Just after Trump’s crass remarks, Sen. Warren served the Donald a salad of words in a perfect tweet:Trump makes death threats because he is a pathetic coward who can’t handle the fact that he is losing to a girl”—if there is one GIRL SQUAD I admire, its Liz & Hillary’s.

Yes, Sen. Warren knows so well how to deal with bigots, she has an A-game, she always hits the sweet spot at the throat.One of Trump’s biggest cult members, Gulian has been implying with his defense of the Donald that he has a sense of humility. Well, frankly, he is shallower than a bed pan and a billion times unpleasant. I don’t know whether these ‘boys’ really ever get humiliated [that’s the word I am looking for]; without looking, Iam sure trying the rabid arse defense made him look like a blathering imbecile,however,humiliation is an emotion and I am pretty sure he is incapable of experiencing it—right from Donald Trump himself, to his very immediate neighbor Melania Trump [famous for being a third wife who plagiarized the speech from the phenomenal first lady, President Obama’s wife, speech at the RNC earlier];I mean it is the shame feel-family as shame and he certainly has none of it.

One last thing though, if Donald Trump doesn’t pay for his bad mouth at this stage, America will pay for it and it is not going to be good music to dance to. He now thinks he is untouchable and no matter how scathing and articulate we become, he always bounces it off with another stupid and more dangerous comment. In fact, I would go so far as they say; ‘that the troglodyte calculus of his base states more that the more reasoned the response, the more strenuously he rejects it’. We are through the looking glass,people.Black is white, white black;curiouser,and even curiouser.Its an enigma wrapped inside a riddle rolled up in a tortilla smothered guac: water-shed stuff, I could say I feel like punching his ass but we can continually call you to continue moving on the right track of History with Clinton-Kaine.Go to the voting booth in November and make History, there has never been any other people America has been waiting for: it’s in times like these against the demagogue, Donald Trump and his cult. God bless you.God bless America and the whole universe.



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