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Donald Trump lies through his teeth

I hope this letter finds you in good health and I pray you have the knacks to read it—I know you for a man who hates inconvenient truths. I will begin by introducing myself such that you may know the next nickname you have to manufacture as is your infamous talent. I am Grace Abaho Sr of Uganda, a universal citizen who adores America so dearly and supports Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I have known you for some good years but for two things as I have said before—filling for bankruptcies[whenever you wanted to play in to thievery, for the four recorded times ] and two; when you hit the road for Presidency with bigotry and asinine remarks that no one else in recorded History has beaten. I am here to emphatically say that you are nothing but a con artist; a man who uses people for his benefit: I know you are desperately courting on that self-same stupidity to carry you through but I want to promise you it will not. I have hope in American people, you may get along with the bigots and racists in your cult but you need a whole lot to win a presidential election.

I saw a man from your camp cringe on national Television when he was told your train is sinking[ it is all over the internet, it broke the internet; the says who clip and of course the well-deserved statue]—dude, it is often wise to hear the last thing anyone needs is a quiet flag man when his/her car is headed down a cliff, trust me, if you don’t use the remaining two months before the election to apologize to every one you have insulted, your rabid ass is sure going to be on fire. See, seems like your cult is trained to deny the raw facts, you are so immune to truth but let me say this rather succinctly: the titanic shipwreck might not have scared the hell out of you, that’s if you know about it anyways,but your self-wreck is going to be forever memorable.

Photo source:Huffington post,THE FIRST FEMALE POTUS
Take a good look at that picture, Donald Trump, tell me what you see: of course you will latch for an insult, but let me help you see with better lenses; that is a very powerful, intelligent and absolutely phenomenal lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton[History maker, a woman billions a cross the world celebrate]: the very much possible first female president of the United States, by the very telling polls and yes she has earned it, unlike you who doesn’t have even the rudimentary preparedness for being a class president—your leadership skills are terribly wanting. You have insulted women almost your whole like and treated them like rugs but as Cecile Richards said; quoting from graceabahosr.blogspotcom here: “Mr. Trump, come this November, women are going to be more than an inconvenience.Because women are going to be the reason you are not elected president”.

I have eloquently said it before that it’s about time America sees yet another historic moment—a moment that would make those who fought hard to have voting rights for women and the other marginalized groups[blacks and women that you have minimized the most your entire life]—Si Se Puede”—Obama on fighting for a better relationship with Cuba. He earlier talked about the about to be sealed history while talking about the likelihood of a Hillary Clinton Presidency (first female POTUS, henceforth) and: the two Cuban presidential race and one socialist democrat—he went ahead to talk about Dr.King saying: “Dr.King’s Fierce Urgency of now---and he added, we should not Fear Change, we should embrace Change”. He called upon everyone to put aside their ideological banners in the past; that reminds me of the just nominated Supreme court Justice Merrick Garland whom the republicans are already trying to stop—business as usual: the republicans continue to be paralyzed by their personal vendetta and indecision; thwarting every effort President Obama puts into place’’, .read more here.

I have often said and I will emphatically say this; those who don’t know you to be a liar and an utter con artist are the ones who follow you sheepishly; I can never wound my conscience to support you [not even for a million dollars] because I know for sure you are a very cruel human being who needs redemption, even when you said you don’t need forgiveness from the Lord. A man who wrote ‘the Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz, regrets deeply for ‘putting lipstick on a pig’. I am going to spread the sheets here from an article by Jane Mayer; again, I hope you don’t end up in an emergency room with heart attack.

Tony says[as per Jane’s authentic article], “I put lipstick on a pig’’, he said, “I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him a wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.”.He went on, “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility that it will lead to the end of civilization.”. If he were writing “The Art of the Deal” today, Schwartz said, it would be a very different book with a very different tile. Asked what he would call it, he answered, “The Sociopath”. As goes the proverb that ‘there is no pillow so soft like a clear conscience’, I would never write anything good about you Donald Trump because, read on. From the article Tony doubles down on his regret saying: “It was one of a number of times in my life when I was divided between the devil and the higher side”—like Tony, I am a great writer and have innumerable things that need money but I would rather stay as I am, never to deceitful money.

This is about  my new American friend Lois Gowann, who earnestly believes in America’s Greatness, like many Americans and billions of people across the globe. I have followed Lois for a while now on instagram and I know for sure just like me, the passion true defense of America’s Greatness is real. Lois in an exchange with a pessimist on America’s unfortunate trials had this to say and it would equally do just to you: “this post is not solely referring to the Olympics. I am an American and I know we are a GREAT country. We are a diverse country. Sure we have had our bad days but we continue to overcome and push forward. You are entitled to Pessimism though; I won’t take it from you”. Yes, like President Obama eloquently reminded us whiles speaking at the Democratic convention and endorsing Hillary Clinton as well, “America’s Greatness doesn’t depend on Donald Trump”.

We have less than nighty days to the November election. It is in these days that I propose you pick up your humble pie and take it while you apologize like you mean it, for the first time in your life. If you don’t, I can make some guesses it isn’t going to be an easy ever after for you: you are cutting the nose to spite your face, what infuriates most people is your irresponsible ignorance and you, sir, have just proven overtime that there is still so much ignorance to be bubbled—you have chosen to be the cruel parrot for dialogue. If you have ever heard about a shit sandwich, it’s not a fun thing for anyone to have; you might be headed for one. I don’t want to give up on you though, Sharon Salzberg, in the Kindness Rebellion writes: “culture may tell us to scorn the co-worker we think receives validation from our boss. But what would happen if we examined our scorn instead in order to learn something about our relationship to our co-worker?”. This is something Mrs. Clinton has advised you to do but you have chosen the repulsive bigoted mind, she says always: “If Donald Trump listened to other people other than himself, maybe he would learn something new”. Would you please just do that? I am done here and off to organize more people for our historic win massive in November, I am with her.

Yours sincerely,
Grace ABAHO Sr.


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