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Hillary Clinton and Katty Perry.Photo Source:the internet

Over the season of the campaigns, the most beautiful slogan I have known is ‘STRONGER TOGETHER’—against all else and especially more Donald Trump’s sound-tough empty slogan, “Make America Great Again”. Psychologists have proven beyond reasonable doubt over the years that whatever the mind conceives, it’s bound to see it happen. Believing that America is not great is something that begun in Donald Trump’s egoic mind and it has picked upstream breaking to piece the Republican Party and sadly translating to other innocent Americans and those who would love to be future immigrants of the United States. Looking and thinking through Mrs. Clinton’s slogan gave me hope that America can heal and live in Harmony. America doesn’t in anyway need Donald Trump’s divisive and fear mongering rhetoric to move forward; evidence and practical realities say so.
Joe Walsh thought it fitting to rub this bigotry to the President Obama and his race, but its crass and completely asinine: “this is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks.Real America is coming after you”. Over the past century America has paid her dues expensively due to being blinded into hate of a man not born the same as the hater: genocide; racism; police brutality; slavery and all the horrible things anyone can think around this line. When someone looks at the heinous crimes that continue to rob America of its safety and cheers on it, it’s rather time to know that America is only stronger together—a wake-up call to stay away from the rhetoric people like Donald Trump are saying. Whether Donald Trump sells the divisive and hate-rhetoric for just being crass, I don’t know but what I know by now is that he seems to be having followers that have taken it to a new scary level, those that think that the “real America” is when people are shooting at each other. In the words of Anna Quendlin, I will settle it with Joe Walsh and the Trump camp: “ignorant free speech often works against the speaker. That’s one of the several reasons why it must be given rein instead of suppressed

When Mrs. Clinton called out the hypocrisy with the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ some people didn’t pay attention and now we can evidently see the contagion of stupidity of that slogan re-branded to the word like, ‘watch out; the real America is coming after you’. As Mrs. Clinton said earlier on June 28th 2016,I will quote her very words: “the whole slogan make America great again is code for go back to the time when a lot of people were not included”. If you are aware of American History and that doesn’t smack you awake, certainly you are looking in the wrong direction, pay attention. The phrase what goes around comes back around is not new to many of us; if we can’t learn from the mistakes of History, we are bound to repeat them: as a matter of factly, History will laugh at us.

As Peter Daou put the matter rather perfectly, in article he wrote: “Hillary’s republican opponent, Donald Trump has spent year hurling insults at those who disagree with him. He has embraced intolerance as a platform. He has a shameful History of demeaning women. He lacks even the most rudimentary preparedness for the office he seeks. He has a self-admittedly vindictive temperament which is profoundly ill-suited for the Presidency. He lashes out at reporters in personal terms whenever questioned. Yet astonishingly receives less negative coverage than Hillary Clinton according to two independent studies”. In earlier piece of work here, with all the reasons why Hillary Clinton will do the job, I did quote Hillary Clinton twice on the kind of temperament very much needed for a president of the United States, especially now, the raw fact is that it is not Donald Trump’s.

In that endorsement I wrote about Mrs. Clinton’s verve and swagger to do the job so well, I did mention and brought out excerpts from her memoirs as well as President Bill Clinton’s. For purposes of putting it to bed with the big-mouthed Newt Gingrich(one of the names running around as the likely running mate for the Donald),I will fetch yet another disheartening reality about his effort to fail the early Clinton administration,though Newt fantastically embarrassed himself—whiles showing the hypocrisies of republicans at once.
Hillary Clinton writes on pg.296 (624), in living a History: “Newt Gingrich and his cohort of self-described republican “revolutionaries” appeared eager to capitalize on the trend. In September, Gingrich stood on the steps of the capitol, surrounded by like-minded members, to unveil his game plan for midterm victory: a “contract with America”. The contract, which provided the basis for republican proposals to abolish the department of education and environment and slash tax credits for the working poor, came to be known around the white house as the “contract on America” because of the damage it would cause to our country. The numbers behind its contradictory agenda didn’t add up. You can’t increase military spending, decrease taxes and balance the federal budget unless you cut much of what the government does.Gingrich counted on the voters to skip the arithmetic. The contract was a strategy to nationalize local elections and turn congressional races into a referendum on republican terms: negative on the Clinton administration and positive on their contract.”
On pg.307 (264), she goes on to write—under the sub-heading, ‘Conversations with Eleanor’: “there is an old Chinese curse, “May you live in the interesting times”, that became a running joke in our family. Bill and I would ask each other, Well, are you living in the interesting times yet? She goes on to write: “one dreary November morning I stopped by my force after a meeting with Bill in the oval office and glanced at the framed photography of Eleanor Roosevelt displayed on a huge table. I am a huge fan of Mrs. Roosevelt, and I have long collected portraits and momentos from her. Seeing her calm, determined visage brought to mind her some of her wise words: ‘a woman is like a teabag’,Mrs. Roosevelt said. “You never know how strong she is until she is in hot water”. That’s exactly what I would like to remind the republicans, as I wrote earlier, quoting a great writer; ‘Nothing baffles the achemes of evil people so much as the calm composure of great souls’, I will emphatically say that it’s about time they realized that Mrs. Clinton is simply phenomenal and no matter how long they try to taint her name in the mud, their report will always stop at futile attempts.

Mrs. Clinton has earned a string of endorsements all over the world that present her as the most qualified candidate for the job and I totally agree. Take a good look at the words from Vice President Joe Biden’s endorsement: “the hardest thing is vouching. When you vouch for them you say I am putting my reputation on the line. I believe this person is a good person, has character. You’re putting your rep on the line. You’re saying I think this person has character and that’s what I am prepared to do for Hillary”. It is very true that the one person you can vouch for and feel good about it is Hillary Clinton because you know you are doing the right thing, she has earned it.Dear America, be vigilant and let’s vote the most qualified candidate to the job, Hillary Rodham Clinton: “STRONGER TOGETHER.”

-Grace AbahoSr, is an INDEPENDENT BLOGGER:For and on behalf of Owen Erima & Peri Harris


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