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Mrs.Clinton celebrating Victory:Photo Source:The Hill
It’s not a secret that Donald Trump’s campaign has been a total disaster from the very first day he pronounced his candidacy to the day he loses massively in the November election—even through that, America may pay the price of a bigoted groupie of people who rallied behind the Donald for some many years ahead: his divisive rhetoric that he often wants to go uncontested is a total disaster in the Politics of not only America but the world in general. 

Donald Trump keeps shifting every mess in America to president Obama and Hillary Clinton—even problems that are as old as 400 years. Of course that’s what he does best, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren put it more starkly a few days ago, ‘Donald Trump is a small insecure man who fears powerful women’, I hope Warren will not mind me saying, even those who are better than his lame narrative of bigotry and fear mongery.An article I came across on the internet the other day(BOMB THE SH*T OUT OF THEM)  put it very accurately, read on: “Most presidents and presidential candidates seek out expert opinions on such serious decisions. But when it comes to foreign policy advisors, Trump has to look no further than what he calls his very good brain. Donald’s brain is missing a few pieces of information, because the group benefiting most from his bombastic strategy isn’t our troops or allies—it is ISIS, our enemy, the terrorists. Trump is a living translation of the threat that ISIS paints all over the western world to be—his belligerent anti-Muslim speeches have even headlined as ISIS recruitment video”.
Hillary Clinton while speaking in Illinois a few days ago didn’t mince words about Donald Trump: “I wish Donald Trump would listen to other people once in a while; he might actually learn something .But he has made it clear, he only listens to himself

I would like the media and the Trump camp to cut justice Ginsburg some slack, right away.
What justice Ruth Ginsburg said are raw facts—apart from one that is her biggest worry, the Trump presidency, that will not happen: “I have hope in American people, that will not happen”, says Barack Obama, every time he stands to a question of whether this bigot has any chances. What justice Ginsburg did was say the truth, and certainly as President Obama has said over and over again, this is not a TV reality show; it’s a job for president of the United States.

I have lived in awe of how Donald Trump made it to be the presumptive nominee to this day but yeah, that doesn’t shock me when it comes to republicans. A little reminder, Donald Trump is the man who went to liberty University a while ago and talked about “Two Corinthians”, Lying that he is a fervent follower of Christ—yet still he said a few days later that he doesn’t need forgiveness from God, I can never fail to notice how crass this man is.; ‘During a recent closed door-meeting with fellow republicans, Donald Trump said he would protect and support not just article 1, but article 7 as well(does article seven exist? Revise the document). Ruth Ginsburg has been a judge long to be worried of such a man. Like so many literate Americans, she knows the prime and most solemn oath of an incoming president is to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. In order to do that with any seriousness of purpose, you have to know what’s in that document itself to begin with. Justice Ginsburg has concerns that are serious enough to warrant her comments worthy, perhaps, America needs to pay utmost attention.

It is official; Donald Trump’s family and supporters are all totally disingenuous.
I said it earlier that I have known Donald Trump from his ‘I am Donald Trump books’ and his filing for bankruptcy every time he wants to play the ‘art of the deal’-thievery. I have said it before that I have read and listened to at least every Michelle Obama speech, when I read what Melania Trump presented, I just couldn’t help it but imagine the weight of the hypocrisy that she has laid bare; even to the eye that isn’t discerning enough: take a look, follow the caption to the photo for the craziest drama you have seen.
As you can see, it is bonkers. I do not totally understand whether this lady has respect for American women; save for the white house. Where did she even get the audacity to utter such downright lies: “my husband is intensely loyal and will not let you down”. A very quick profile is that Melania, who calls the Donald loyal, is his third wife. Besides the desperacy to be first lady, none of those words means a thing. Actually, they do, but one; quoting Frank Bruni: “she’s his perfect match not just in love but in vagueness

Then there is Trump’s surrogate, Newt Gingrich, I did warn you about him just a week ago. He shamelessly‘puked’ this: “by marrying Melania, Trump shows his love for the immigrants”. Really? This is now what I hate about con-artists, they just want to get away with their foolery every new day. After all the disparaging attacks Donald Trump has made on women, Mexicans, immigrants and Muslims to mention but a few, the hypocrisy here has never been so choking. Newt Gingrich tried destroying America once in the early Clinton administration as you have read above; wecan’t let him do it with the stupidity that carries on Trump that he desperately courts on as “intelligence”.

Plagiarized copy of the speech.Photo source:internet
Yesterday, the presumptive democratic nominee, the talented and highly intelligent Hillary Clinton said these words very eloquently (as she has always done): “ending systemic racism requires contributions from us all, especially those of us who haven’t experienced it ourselves”. For Donald Trump and family, as you have seen from , it’s a marriage by convenience—plagiarism from a black woman’s work who rocks, the phenomenal first lady of the united states; Michelle Obama, and when they want the black vote to ruin the great United States of America. Of course his sound-tough proposals can never make America great but rather, make America think again.
President Obama has always been so very articulate but to a bunch of the wool-eared bunch of Republican racists and bigots. He has done all he can for America, given America the best he could as the first Afro-American President but the never grateful haters are always on the leash to thwart every effort he makes, I have said it before but I will emphatically say it again to seal the off that kind of willful ignorance from the republicans. Just a few days ago, while the country paid her last respects to the fallen heroes on the line of duty made a very brilliant call of unity. After another unfortunate event, in Baton Rouge, he did say these words of emphasis; I will shock you with what the Donald said shortly, reading Obama’s words of love and hope first: “these are attacks on public servants, on the rule of the law, and on civilized society, and they have to stop. We may not yet know the motives for these attacks, but I want to be clear: there is no justification for violence against law enforcement. These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one”. Then as usual, Donald Trump took his ignorance to twitter and national television to say: “these attacks are the weakness of President Obama, let’s make America great again”. This is what we talk about when we talk about sowing fear in people to take advantage of it after—that’s what Donald Trump’s candidacy has been all about.

In an article, #TeamHillaryUganda ( a volunteer team led by Grace Abaho Sr,Peri Harris &Owen Erima) sent to New York that was loved so much by the New Yorkers(and many Africans in our cubicle, too), MY AMERICANJOURNEY, I was categorically clear that a Donald Trumppresidency as a future immigrant is absolute disaster. As I write this, I am utterly within the confines of an African-American to be; that Trump minimizes, a futureimmigrant; that Trump minimizes and above the all a universal citizen that Donald Trump’s presidency endangers. More danger to his infamous campaign, his own home-made thief.

The American Television show, BLOOD &OIL, Billy and Cody Lefter dream of a new life beyond their working class roots and move to “The Bakken” in North Dakota, booming after the biggest oil discovery in American History. They are soon pitted against a ruthless tycoon who forces them to bet big and put everything on the line including their marriage. I watched this series a few months ago but every day that passes by shows me how it sure does warn of greedy, self-seekingmen and women in the Trump-sinking train with a sense of entitlement, rampant emotional immaturity and a sure-fire belief in the correctness of their own convictions; when they are called out to their bigotry, they cringe and lay fault to ‘political correctness’ and ‘gotcha questions’—only to advance their venom and reactiveness often topped by the sureness of their opinions.

Rating the first ladies.Photo source:Gallup
What Mrs. Clinton is offering is the best pair of hands,that’s a raw fact signed by President Obama and all other names whose signature I would want to see appended to it.She has said it before, while quoting her husband Bill Clinton, that “there is more that unites us than divides us”—that’s the direct opposite of Trump’s rotten apple. It is time for America to move Donald Trump’s fray of disparaging women on twitter and rally behind a policy agenda that will lead to greater economic growth, revitalized leadership on the global stage and strengthened democracy: that is what America stands for; it is self-evident that all men are created equal and should thus enjoy liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness. God bless America and the whole world; do the right thing at the polling booth this November election.

Grace AbahoSris an INDEPENDENT BLOGGER. This article is written for and on behalf of #TeamHillaryUganda: Peri Harris &Owen Erima.


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