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Hillary Rodham Clinton
In my heart, the United states of America has been my home for the most part of my life (but I have never stepped there, certainly will some some day)—in my spirit, heart and soul, asked whether I am an American by some ‘first-class Americans’ a while ago, I screamed yes, and they went ahead to ask, “where do you stay and were you born here?”, I answered, “Uganda-Africa. I am a Ugandan-American but considering an American citizenship”. And they laughed as if that was funny—I am rather serious but my only hope is if America does vote the right person to the job, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have known Donald Trump for a while from his “I am Donald Trump books” and nothing more, except for his popularity of filing for bankruptcy every time he wanted to make some extra dollars out of thievery, but I have never been his fan, and I think I may never be: that may not affect Trump and myself in anyway, but if he is elected president, it will affect me rather seriously—it would be a death knell to my American dream.

Honestly, America doesn’t need to build walls, Donald Trump’s rhetoric is crazy insane.

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For Donald Trump, he wants to “make America great again” by defying what America stands for—a land of opportunity where hard work pays: a place of liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness. If that’s what greatness stands for in his mind, certainly bigotry precedes that thought and I am darn certain, America is way better than that. As Timothy Egan wrote recently: “Trump wants us to follow the brits in a corner of isolation—by race, religion and trade. His philosophy, the rant besotted boob making things up in public, is anti-American. In rejecting our former colonial masters, we threw off monarchy, the class system and a state religion. We opened our doors, to all nations, all religions and all opinions”—PS: this is what the 4th of July is all about. 

He goes on to write: “the world can certainly learn from the old world. But the sun never sets on a stupid idea. And this vote to stop the spinning globe and stop back at 1952 is among the stupidiest.Britain is cracking up now because it followed the crack-pots, the united states could make the same mistake—rejecting free trade and rejecting a welcome mat for free people”—he is courting on the contagion of stupidity that infected Britain to carry him.I couldn’t have put it any better, I applaud Timothy

Donald Trump is an international Disaster, we can’t let him have away, he will spoil it all.
 A 103 years old vowed to make sure she votes Hillary Clinton before she dies. I watched the Video Ruline saying: “I must live to vote for Hillary because Trump would be a national disaster. She is our only hope. We certainly don’t want Trump for President. Hillary is the best qualified candidate we have had in a long time. The chances are high that my vote will be absent .After giving this serious problem much thought and consideration, I have come to the decision that I must do my part November 2016.I can die later”. I want to first say to Ruline that she is not going to die and she is going to see the power of her vote, Hillary Clinton will be first female president of the United states: I totally agree, with facts, Hillary Clinton will do the job.

I must say that this old woman is proof positive for the wisdom that comes with age, though limited to some. I have said it very many times that Mrs. Clinton is my inspiration in very many ways, and that I vouch for her without holding back. As I did say a while ago, she is a mature politician. Some of my fellow countrymen wonder, “Grace, what is with you and America?”, a friend once asked. And I said: “I don’t think I would have a life to pride in if I didn’t relate with myself with America—because, most of my inspiration, I fetch from this land of opportunity”. It was until recently when I met my dear friends, Peri Periy and Owen Erima, that we decided to officially launch #TeamHillaryUganda: a volunteer team to steer the launch of the first female president into the white house, to be specific, President Hillary Rodham Clinton. We are doing well and every new day that passes by we celebrate the successes that our candidate makes back home.

An extract from the iconic Elie Wiesel’s A Prayer for the days of Awe (as published October 2nd, 1997) should do justice to succinctly put clear the fear that comes with the nightmarish reality of a Donald Trump Presidency—a clinical narcissist that would return us to the days of Auschwitz, as you have heard him propose with his Muslim ban campaign; building the wall and calling Mexicans rapists among many things, as if not enough, even denying our mothers to have a chance they deserve(reproductive health; planned parenthood) if he were ever president—if there is anything that has ever worried me, besides the Horror movie I didn’t finish(because it really scared the hell out of me); a nightmare on Elm street, it’s a Donald Trump presidency. Read with me this (Elie Wiesel’s) genius’ masterpiece, just an extract:

Where were you God of kindness, in Auschwitz? What was going on in Heaven, in the celestial tribunal, while your children were marked by humiliation, isolation only because they were Jewish?
These questions have been haunting me for more than five decades, you have vocal defenders, you know. Many theological answers were given to me, such as: “God is God. He alone knows what he is doing. One has no right to question Him or His ways”. Or: Auschwitz was a punishment for European Jewry’s sin of assimilation and/ or Zionism”. And: “Isn’t Israel the solution?”
I reject all these answers. Auschwitz must and will forever remain a question mark only: it can be neither with God nor without God. At one point, I began wondering whether I was unfair with you. After all, Auschwitz was not something that came ready-made from Heaven. It was conceived by men, implemented by men, staffed by men. And their aim was to destroy not only us but you also. Ought we not think of your pain, too? Watching your children suffer at the hands of the other children?”
Now that’s the one sound warning every American voter needs to pay attention to or else, history repeats its self with the Hitler surrogate, the Donald Trump. The voting is not so far away, November is just close to opening the door for the 45th president of the United States. In the words of Vernon Ferdinand, someone you are familiar with, ‘if you don’t vote; you don’t count’. It is either you fight for the America you would love to live in and would wish your grandchildren to live in as well, or: an America that has fed on fear and bigotry sold by the republicans, now led by the Donald.
As it begun, this is about all that would love to stay and live in America, much as I use the ‘I narrative’—for the intent of a better story line: my American Dream. A times article, the immigrant’s fate is everyone’s puts its better, I will pick an extract:

Childhood is marked by curiosity, imagination’s endless play and a disregard for boundaries. As we age, we learn to respect some boundaries. But we also stiffen, becoming arthritic in both body and mind. What is the proper balance between believing that we should explore everywhere, take in everything, and the sensible idea that perils exist, that some strangers really mean harm to us?
This is a question without one answer but it is a question we must keep asking in such of the answer that is right for us at any given moment. To the United States’ credit, Americans have often asked this question. To the country’s discredit, the answers have sometimes involved closing the borders, excluding those of certain races or nations, and deporting people with a reasonable claim to live here
‘Sometimes we ask if this is the real America’, the immigrant writer Bulosan wrote in “Freedom from Want”, a 1943 essay for Sunday evening post. “Even when we see our children suffer humiliations, we cannot believe that America has no more place for us”. I certainly believe, as a future immigrant, America should be kind enough to accommodate me (us).Certainly not, America is better than the weird and close-minded proposals from the Donald.
Settling it with the Benghazi-republican motivated Vitriol against Secretary, Hillary Clinton.
The never ending republican witch-hunt that seems to be playing so well along Donald Trump’s slew of lies; and, certainly has never gotten so nauseating that just a tarmac meet-up between President Clinton and the attorney, Loretta Lynch, has become a new ‘god-send moment’ for the haters—this is telling. As I wrote earlier quoting Clare Forlan’s article, I will make this very important reminder:
For all the hype surrounding the high profile attacks led by Trey Growdy, the chair of house select committee in Benghazi, republicans have so far failed to unearth capable of sinking Clinton’s political prospect”. Well as Mrs. Clinton eloquently assured the republicans, ‘she has been called many sorts of things but quitter is not one of them’. I call upon you all to come through and support a candidate who has content of well-studied policy proposals against Trump string of just divisive rhetoric, fear mongering and bigotry. We are stronger together. 


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