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A very important point of reference to begin with, the awesome words of A.J.DarkHome: “The values most important to us are always the most easily exploitable”
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In the book, THE JOURNEY IS HOME, the renowned theologian Nelle Murton has these words: “Welcome to the Human Race”. It is now very clear that the Museveni government is not in any way going to respect the constitutional rights and Freedoms of the people. It is a shame that a nation which to begin with has God inclusive in the national creed continues to defile terribly everything there is to human decency and Personhood. For a while now this has gone on and yet the populace watches on. I do not blame myself. I have done my part and if anything I don’t like, that many of us hate, I will not have myself to blame. I warned you of foisting a tyrant and demagogue to nation in the call to do the math on the P10 Website and certainly, the agents of darkness didn’t take heed. Uganda is a very young nation but if we don’t drop the childish ways as the scripture says, we are headed into something we may regret the next half century.
Quickly, the most idiotic thing the Museveni government has done is waging war on the media houses. This is not funny. It is one of the dumbest and smartest strategies that I have seen especially when it comes to them trying to cover their ‘rabid asses’ but fantastically embarrassing themselves—because every time they do that, like they did earlier during the elections, they lay bare the hypocrisies they have long tried to sweep under the rug. The media is significantly very important by every stretch of imagination. If I were them actually, I would stop being stupid at least for once, and let the world judge the story rightfully: the Museveni government have reached a point where they have no shame and remorse—they expose their ugliness in broad daylight and annoyingly ask, what do you even think you can do?

Maybe they need to see some action.
In a very short expletive recently on facebook, I tried to explain how these agents of darkness have taken the silence of the common man who is hurting so much as weakness. Looks like by virtue of the fact that the Civil liberties are stepped on one by one, we have been reduced to just barking dogs. I think it’s about time, we reached out for plan B.I am not a fan of plan B,C & D but as goes the American saying: “When Plan A fails , Plan B is already in Progress”. Let us do this folks, I am so sick and tired of these evil men taking us for granted. I want to make a very serious warning about what the men of greed like the apologists of this rotten regime are capable of doing—they steal, kill and destroy. The iconic Joseph Conrad while writing about the colonial rulers in 1902 has  better words for you and I in one of his masterpieces, the HEART OF DARKNESS: “to tear treasure out of the bowels of the land was their desire, with no moral purpose at the back of it than there is in burglars breaking into a safe”. By now you know that Museveni and his agents are as guilty as sin, don’t you? Do not answer; I am not taking No for an answer.

Do not go to bed, stay awake.
The activists may never have to go to bed to take a nap. Going to bed may never yield out to this long journey of unflinching sacrifice to voice out the concerns of the so many millions who relate with your pain—beware the agents of darkness are out there trying to sell their so lame narrative. The other day I saw Museveni at state House (as they chose speaker and deputy) saying that anyone who says that the NRM didn’t win the election is mad. Let me be the first one to comfortably tell him that I am so mad—If that will make him happy. The clincher though is that: “I am not mentally incapacitated as maybe his insult but rather mad because he continues to foist himself unto us even when he knows that he lost massively”. I have no shame; pull the plug, the very desperate NRM Party should just be forgotten already.
The city is under attack and to try a nap at this point in time would only be empowering the very rotten apple this regime is selling. I will leave a few final thoughts for them though: the nation is grateful for what you have done and very sad about that you haven’t done that you keep cheering on—steady progress, so I hear, when: the healthcare is completely gone bonkers, unemployment rates have hit the ceiling than ever recorded in the history of this nation and most importantly though not the least, very highly defiled systems and the systemic harassment of the truth Sayers—the opposition change agents.

I may go easy on Museveni but not his minions.
I may be so mad at Museveni but let me tell you, my angst is more with those that make sure this tyrant stays around, you are the real problem. If you continue to protect and defend something that you know is wrong with everything you applaud, certainly you carry the blame more, unless you say that you are puppets that took the deepest fall. What Museveni has taken advantage of is just one thing—he takes advantage of a weakened immune system, the constitution, and turns it topsturvy just to support his lame narrative. See, you are the problem since you tell him, go on boy. As I said before in my earlier columns, double speak took root in the system of the NRM and every new day, there is a victim. While we decry the ugliness of the Museveni regime, some may want to rest it all upon the cult leader Museveni, but I refuse that myopic insight. The disciples are the ones that have failed to see what we are dealing with here—the existential proof is that everything that he has messed with especially as regards the civil liberties, it has always been you: you are the violent case of dysentery that finally kills the frail man who was already sick with a thousand other exotic diseases. The untrained eye may say the man died because he was vomiting blood, but in truth he was vomiting blood because he was dying.

Why I ditched Museveni on the road.
For over ten years of my young childhood, I really loved Museveni until I learned that if Museveni became President after the two terms, I would possibly never become president, this theory tends to be building a muscle. On this note, I will try to be a little expansive with an explanation: I fear every day that with the help of his disciples, he may declare life Presidency, something I can’t live with. Because, as Alexander Hamilton once said: If we must have an enemy at the head of government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures
Basically, I only see the willful ignorance of the disciples of Museveni because they are aware they are not only derailing the last ounce of redemption but also affirming their quest for the bottom of the barrel.

Your Vote counts make sure it is counted.
The problem with the Ugandan institutional systems is that they have adopted a very deadly mechanism of rule by the law and the rule of the law. Note the difference: the former tends to realize some particular segments of the constitution while starving the other important aspects as long as the ones applied in the show of democracy suit their narrative. For instance, an election is organized, the election is not free and free, petitions will be filled and accepted but the court ruling will be a constant—insufficient evidence to have the election results nullified: the essence of such a sham election is every explanation I can find for intellectual dishonesty that continues to gut down our politics and leadership.
Some say we should just let go and let it rest but I refuse that advice with the bitter-most anger. If you choose to shut up in times of injustice, you are directly empowering injustice, the better we keep exposing it as it is.Yes, I am a Christian, but the hardest thing to do is to forgive Museveni and his mean-spirited minions right now—because I am not ready. As Sharon Salzberg put it: Forgiveness that is insincere, forced or premature can be more psychologically damaging than authentic bitterness and rage”. There is so much at stake and to just let go would wearing a mask I can’t afford because my mental lexicon doesn’t play along with hypocritical villainy as is the case with most politicians. Ps,I am not necessarily a politician, I am an activist for Advocacy and change.

Do not. I repeat, do not let anyone treat you as though they are doing you a favor when it comes to the inalienable rights. The constitution provides in Article 20 that the rights are not granted by the state but rather are constitutionally provided. If you read more in Article 28, you will find a right to a fair hearing. More rights are ingrained in articles 43 and 50 with procedural guidelines emphasizing what is currently on the missive in the judicial systems—that is the problem I have with the institutions here because they depart from these truths and rule by selective snippets that only suit their soiled and impure narrative. Stay put for the Prize, do not give up on Activism, and stand tall with what is right and Pray Unceasingly.-


  1. Great mind! Very insightful! Don't allow your ink to dry up.


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