Wednesday, 24 August 2016


We live in a nation devoid of justice and hostile to truth. We live in a nation that acquits the guilty, condemns the innocent, calls good evil and evil good: once you come to terms with this, you will no longer be shocked by anything no matter how outrageous, depraved or wicked. Justice exists? Sadly we do not live in such a nation, we live in a nation where those who disagree are treated as aliens and second-class citizens, a nation where the people driving the nation under the bus still see themselves as the only men in the arena of ‘good leadership’—meanwhile, they are not averse to lining their pockets through profiteering and utter corruption. They frequently mouth justice speeches at heroes and ‘liberation’ days but their conduct indicates those are just words. I have been threatened time and again to drop my pen but I refuse to have my pen lined for hire. If using my pen to fight for the restoration of civil liberties is a crime, that crime, I am ready to serve.

To phrase the essence of this piece succinctly: people younger than I am may never relate how so fast our leaders have willfully forgotten the rugged political history of this country but to do  nothing is to be enemies of the future—For those who are in ‘comfort zones’, this may seem like  pale tea but in the words of the late Jommo Kenyatta, I will settle the divide: “our children may learn about heroes of the past; our task is to make ourselves architects of the future”. In a rhetorical way, most people are bystanders—they have subscribed the oppressor’s mechanical “do this and that will happen as reward for you”—slow and sidelong cultural erosions of this kind can be incalculable harm. And they can be horribly and most cheaply self-replicating. Some people may continue to underreact to a specter of injustice thinking it will go away but that’s a sad illusion; leading to mayhem and corrosion, that taunts us in the long run. Those who share my alarm at the prospect of this should take it on and let the real work of surgery to wounded justice begin.

The most sickening part, the top hierarchy is now controlled by those who just say anything to please their boss at the expense of the common man: the direct equivalent of binary polemics, unfortunately the world we live in doesn’t operate in binary polemics, there are a lot of shades of gray. I think it’s only prudent and highly imperative for them to stop pushing micro aggressions every new day with the police brutality, defiled justice system and intermittent corruption in all circles—we are flesh and bone on the inside, on the outside we may have different ideologies and beliefs but let our leaders realize; we ought to live as human siblings: LET JUSTICE BE SERVED.


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