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The woman we celebrate,History Maker,Hillary Rodham Clinton
After #Day1 of the DNC in PHILLY, I waited for the day of speeches from President Bill Clinton,President  Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Chelsea Clinton & most importantly the next President of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton. If there is anything that has been so refreshing, it is the moments at the Democratic convention. What the convention has significantly painted to me is that Love always Trumps Hate, this a going to be a well-built case in addition to my first endorsement for Mrs. Clinton—insight through insight, pay attention and at the end, we will go to the voting booth in November and launch the woman called for the job to the white house, it’s been 240 solid years before America did that: it’s about time to realize that Yes, [when there are no ceilings, the sky is the limit],read on.

Hillary Clinton as she gave her acceptance speech
Democratic Party Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton is now the new definition of History; President Obama did that earlier and I am glad he is opening doors to yet another Historic moment in American Politics: I have written this earlier, Dr.King and the founding fathers must be smiling down on us up there in Heaven. At this point, I would like to go ahead and defend my claim with evidence of the healing words from her historic speech: “our country’s motto is e pluribus Unum: ‘out of many, we are’. Will we stick together? Well, I heard Donald Trump’s answer last week at his convention. He wants to divide us—from the rest of the world, and from each other. He is betting the perils of today’s world will blind us to unlimited promise. He has taken the Republican Party a long way…..from ‘morning in America’ to ‘midnight in America’. Well, a great democratic president came up with the perfect rebuke to Trump more than eighty years ago during a much more perilous time: the only thing to fear is fear itself”.

After Hillary’s Historic speech, President Obama tweeted these words: "Great speech.She is tested.She is ready.She neve quits.That's why she should be our next @POTUS. (she will get the handle too) "- and they are raw facts, as your own face in the mirror—Hillary Clinton has been besmirched through the years (by republicans) calling her all sorts of things but it is very clear that however much they have tried to taint her the evil one, she always emerges winner: Do these republicans ever question themselves into the national creed—IN GOD WE TRUST [?]—the Psalmist put the words very succinctly: a righteous man may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all”,Mrs. Clinton will certainly rise against the storms as ever, because; she was raised so well with well-learned lessons of rowing with the current.

I often have conversation with some Ugandans here about the ongoing Presidential race in the United States, it was until recently (after a conversation with one of Trump’s supporters) that I discovered that certainly those who try to weigh down Hillary Clinton’s career achievements aren’t just hating but are rather ignorant of facts.I asked this guy whether he has read any of Trump’s ‘I am Donald Trump books’and he said NO.I again asked, have you read any of Hillary Clinton’s books? He again said No.I paused, took a wry smile and I told him in earnest: “I say this in no disrespect but you are supporting Trump out of ignorance”. Honestly, if you are aware of Mrs. Clinton’s hard work, you can’t be mistaken about her impressive resume: she is absolutely phenomenal!

Sen Obama(then) & Hillary Clinton in 2008 after she had  lost
This photo of President Obama [then Democratic nominee, after beating Hillary in primaries, back in 2008 after a tough campaign].The Political maturity of these two beautiful souls should set the tone for reconciliation between those who are stubbornly not yet on Hillary’s train. Those who wear blinders to what happened in 2008 are the real reason a demagogue (Donald Trump) at times surges in the polls sometimes; making a false impression that he actually has votes on the ground: yes, like President Obama said anything is possible but America is known to be a place where sanity has taken over insanity the recent 50 years, I don’t want to believe for a second that the American people will empower the dreariness of the dark ages with a Donald Trump Presidency.

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren eloquently said, it is totally accurate that indeed America has been served with ugliness before—a ‘plate’ whose stories are not good to reminisce about, the memories are sad, that hate and bigotry the Trump campaign has to be stopped right ahead of time:when your car is headed down a cliff, the last thing you need is a quiet flagman. I am doing this full-throttle endorsement with intent to cover all Hillary Clinton stands for and unearth the lies, fear monger and bigotry that precedes Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric.

For Donald Trump, he says and he thinks and shamelessly strongly proclaims: “I alone can save you and make America great again”—whatever that means. I do not know but I can assure it is nothing but the true representation of an egomaniac, trust me on that. One of the speakers at the DNC convention was so kind to Trump and offered him a free copy of the Constitution, WE THE PEOPLE; he should take that offer rather seriously. He needs to first go back home and read theconstitution, maybe after that he will run a better campaign. I know he has said it before that he doesn’t need forgiveness from Jesus Christ/God but going ahead to blaspheme their supreme deity saying that he alone can save America shows how ignorant he is, honestly: he is busy playing the American God and his cult is stupidly following, indeed pity the nation whose people are sheep.

What if Mrs. Clinton took on Bill Maher’s Piece of advice?
For Bill Maher, he has proposed to Mrs. Clinton to drop the child gloves and run as the ‘Notorious HRC’, this clip has made laugh through and through; even as I type these words, I am still laughing. Well, the republicans have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they will never stop witch-hunting Hillary Clinton, even when it puts the sovereignty of America(the strongest nation on earth) at stake. The bromance between Donald Trump isn’t just disastrous to those who swim along with it but to the independence of America, that was hard-won many years ago. The other day Donald Trump was cheering on Russia (Vladimir Putin, to be specific) on a well done, calling them to do even more. This is a guy who has once said he isn’t even interested in the presidency, that he would even give it to his VP after winning [if he ever did anyways, just warning you of the divisive and completely gone bonkers rhetoric], if you haven’t been in the cave and know how asinine this guy can be; I am officially telling you to be scared and keep him away.

Yes, America Ferrera couldn’t have put it any better, because the raw facts are that his policy proposals are nothing but empty rhetoric against women, future immigrants, job creation, education reforms and the unity that is in America today: that actually makes her absolutely great against his sound-tough guy speech based on empty-headed proposals. It is thus imperative for everyone on the right track of history to listen aloud to what Ferreira is saying and what so many responsible and trusted people have said over time. The Donald Trump threat is real and if America doesn’t see it and keep in shape with the lessons learned from the mistakes of history, hate and bigotry can have its way back in, again: a very terrible thing to imagine!

A message from Uncle Joe & Chelsea Clinton, Hillary’s daughter, to the girls and youth.
Vice President Joe Biden was so eloquent in his speech at the convention—Joe never minces words and certainly wouldn’t miss making his mark at a very important occasion, celebrating the historic nomination of the first woman presidential nominee for a major party in the United States History. [Allow me to pause briefly and first say it again, congratulations Mrs. Clinton; I love you so very much for I know we are stronger together].Back to where were at; Chelsea Clinton passionately and adoring talked about her mother, in her own words: “And every day I spend as Charlotte and Aidan’s mother, I think about my own mother, my wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious mother. My earliest memory is my mother picking me up after I had fallen, giving me a big hug, and reading me Goodnight Moon. From that moment…to this one. Every single moment I have of my mother is that whatever else maybe happening in her life—she is always, always there for me”. She went on to say (important to note): “there is something else my mother taught me: public service is about public service….. [Onward, I capture this, read on]—people ask me how she does it all the time. How she keeps going amid the fury of Politics. Here is how: it’s because she never forgets who she is fighting for”.

Respecting women at an early age:off the web
If anything should speak a million words to the Donald, it is this photo—it’s a call to Donald Trump to respect women; and actually say to him loudly that he should have learned that as a young child albeit it’s not yet too late [even when his record of wives shows impossible odds].This photo brings tears to my eyes every time I think about Donald Trump; it is one of the photos I shared on my facebook page(taken off the web) to show black pride last year. I want Donald Trump to take very good lessons—while says he wants to send blacks, Mexicans and Muslims away; he should know there aren’t necessary angels but they are way better than his divisive rhetoric. I have said in the early paragraphs America has had her share of ugliness and shouldn’t accommodate anything that looks like it: Donald Trump is recruiting troops for reinstating white supremacy, judging by his very asinine comments every day, he has to be stopped in time. I am glad the Planned Parenthood boss, Cecile Richards, made a very good promise whiles endorsing Hillary Clinton: “Mr. Trump, come this November, women are going to be more than an inconvenience.Because women are going to be the reason you are not elected president

Mark Cuban whiles endorsing Hillary Clinton didn’t mince words, like Michael Bloomberg, he knows a conman when he sees one. The special thing about it though, he sees a ‘jagoff’ in Donald Trump: “Leadership is not yet yelling and screaming and intimidating. You know what we call a person like that in Pittsburg? A‘jagoff’.Is there any bigger jag off in the world like Donald Trump?”. If I am to answer that question Mark asked there, No there isn’t any bigger jag off than Donald Trump in the world. Deepak Chopra writes the best description and eventual end of Donald Trump in America’s shadow: The Real Secret of Donald J.Trump: “the shadow compounds all the dark impulses—hatred, aggression, sadism, sexual transgression—that is hidden out of sight. The name originated with Carl Jung, but its basic origin came from Freud’s insight that our psyches are dualistic, sharply divided between the conscious and unconscious. The rise of Civilization is a tribute to how well we obey our conscious mind and suppresses our unconscious side. But what hides in the shadows will out

A Donald & Jill Stein Meme,taken off the web
What does the Bernie or Bust Groupie/Jill Stein need to know?
The truth of the matter is that Jill Stein is hurting her hard work with Bernie as she lets her ego sail her along; I am aware and have seen Hillary Clinton personally promise to take up the most teething issues offered by Bernie on the campaign trail—making this a historic progressive platform within the Republican Party. What Silverman said at the convention was actually very perfect: “the Bernie or bust group, you are being ridiculous”—to this, I could borrow President Obama’s words: “Don’t boo, vote”; what I know though, Bernie didn’t at once tell you to help a demagogue take the Presidency, I am talking about Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders rather wanted to have progressive ideas taken aboard: which have been re-structured into Hillary’s agenda, what else do you want folks?

Hillary Clinton has had a very great list of endorsements—from people whose discipline in personhood and human decency I doubt doubt but as you can see [just a few on that picture],it is telling.It reminds of an article I read some months ago on the republican sin of endorsement:speaking of the republican sin of endorsement,take a look at Donald Trump’s running mate’s earlier twitter war with his current boss., that’s what we talk about when we talk about crazy stuff. Unlike Bernie Sanders who acknowledges the differences he has had with Hillary, that have paved way for the most progressive democratic  platform ever (the good news), Mike Pence now singularly says ‘Make America great Again’ with no Remorse. Can you imagine?—cognitive dissonance at its best right there in Trump’s triangle.

Albert Camus in the ‘Century of Fear’ writes something that best settles it all and I hope it sets the tone rather perfectly for the air of finality of this endorsement. In the 1984 article published in ‘Combat’, he wrote: “the years we have just gone through have killed something in us. And that something is the old confidence man had in himself, which always led him to believe that he could elicit human reactions from another man if he spoke to him in the language of humanity. We have seen men lie, degrade, deport, torture—and each time it was not possible to persuade those who did these things not to do them, because they were sure of themselves and because one can’t persuade those who did these things not to do them because one can’t persuade an abstraction; the representative of an ideology. Mankind’s dialogue has just come to an end. And naturally, a man who can’t be persuaded is a man to be feared

Message to Donald Trump from the 'explainer in chief'.
I have wished a million times Donald Trump were running with President Obama, being a very good example of the people he minimizes a lot alongside women, Muslims  and Mexicans, he would have put the Donald in his place pretty well (as Mrs. Clinton is doing equally) .I love President Obama and Michelle  so much. I am saddened that he is leaving the white House before I meet him and his beautiful family—maybe it will happen even when he has left, he taught me with his 2004 DNC speech as I wrote in my second letter, the audacity of hope beats the cynicism: I have lived each day hoping and believing that we shall meet and I still strongly believe we shall. Someone laughed it off when I announced I am writing my full endorsement for Hillary Clinton but yeah, that person doesn’t know a thing about the rewards of hard work, President Obama & his beautiful Michelle Obama, President Clinton & his intelligent wife Hillary Clinton have taught me that with their lives—I am glad they know I am grateful, forever and sincerely. America is certainly great and the sound-tough rhetoric of Donald Trump shouldn’t be a blinder to her greatness.Yes, as Hillary Clinton eloquently said in her acceptance speech: “a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons”—that’s why #TeamHillaryUganda[Grace AbahoSr,OwenErima&Peri Harris] is with her and we endorse her for president of the United states. Go to the voting booth and make History, God bless America and the whole world

Grace Abaho Sr is an INDEPENDENT BLOGGER: Article written for and on behalf of Team Hillary Uganda.

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FLOTUS Michelle Obama at the Convention
This wallpaper and I almost fought a duel to point of death; [to take over on my phone and laptop screen saver space], but I had to give up very easily because these beautiful words come from one of the most inspirational people in my life. President Obama you are a very blessed man, no wonder you immediately proudly tweeted: “incredible speech by an incredible woman.Couldn't be more proud and our country has been blessed to have her as FLOTUS.I love you, Michelle”. Michelle Obama stole the show, rather perfectly it turns out—and then there was Sen.Booker,they certainly had to be prime speakers, leave alone for Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders who never minces words when it comes to putting Donald Trump in his place.

I have waited for this day, almost very impatiently, until it dawned—it was a very rewarding night for me here in Uganda after the continuous and disastrous bigotry from the Trump camp. I must say with pride that if there is anything that reveals the greatness of America, it is the eloquence in the words of the speakers on the very first day: we are stronger together, Hillary Clinton must be the next President, and we will do everything we can. I must say that everyone who took that platform was crystal clear painting the picture very vividly on the lame rhetoric offered by the bigoted Donald Trump that America isn’t great—and he alone can make it great again, building stupid walls(as Sen. Warren noted) and insulting every living thing that disagrees with his divisive and crass hateful remarks.

Sen Cory Booker speaking at the Convention
In the recent article where I talked about the veep pick, I profoundly cited the veep-pick very rich list of highly quailed candidates the Clinton Campaign. I must say that Sen. Cory Booker is proof positive that indeed the team is just magnificent. He was clear with the words, ‘we can’t be seduced by cynicism’, over to you Donald Trump—that’s your word salad and you have no escape route, and you have earned it. It is not even just scary anymore that the very existential threat to the greatness of America (who ignorantly claims it is not great) continues to lose some American illiterate voters—that’s terribly worrisome, and this is because with the kind of the growing bigotry groupie, even when Hilary wins in November (which she will), they will still be a threat to the Peace: President Obama the other day soundly put it accurately, I will leave it here.

Sen Bernie Sanders speaking at the Convention
A lot has been said about Mrs. Clinton being the most qualified, to most intelligent and certainly the president that will keep the Obama Legacy intact—whiles progressively improving on the areas that are still lacking. I find everything that absolutely true. She is a class act and we know this so well from the very facts that she has been witch-hunted almost her entire political life but she is always a winner through and through. Just a few days ago, the bromance between Putin and Donald Trump led to the wikileaks, a Moscow-led campaign to negatively affect the November election [for Hillary Clinton, in favor of the Donald], the single most reason is because Vladimir Putin fears Hillary Clinton and would rather work with the crass Donald Trump—the menacing reality is that it wouldn’t take Donald Trump to insult this war monger: this jeopardizes not only the peace of America but rather the whole world.

The phenomenal Hillary Clinton and many other people—particularly, Sen. Warren[the twitter queen, onhitting Donald Trump where it hurts] have advised Donald Trump to try listening not only to himself but other people; as a means for him to learn new things but he remains adamant and very loyal to ignorance—calling very powerful and respectable women ‘crooked and goofy’. I am also going to propose something that might help him in equal measure, that’s if he listens anyways.Sharon Salzbergwrites very powerful words in her book, the Kindness rebellion: “culture may tell us to scorn the co-worker we think receives validation from our boss than we do. But what would happen if we examined our scorn instead in order to learn about our relationship to our co-worker?”—that’s a thing republicans have failed to do for so many years, Hillary Clinton has worked so hard and she will do the job.

Donald Trump meme.Photo taken off the web
I want to be very clear, I want to be more eloquent, I want to shut Donald Trump’s stupid rhetoric ‘Make America Great Again’ down once and for all. I want to do this by borrowing the words of the talented human rights activist, Suzzy Kassem: ‘A NATION’S GREATNESS DEPENDS ON IT’S LEADER
“To vastly improve your country and make it great again, start by choosing a better leader. Do not let the media or establishment make you people from the people they choose, but instead choose from those they do not choose, one who identifies with the common man on the street and understands what the country needs on every level. Do not pick a leader who is only money- driven and doesn’t understand or identify with the common, but only what corporations on every level.

Pick a peacemaker. One, who unites, notdivides. A cultured l leader who supports the arts and true freedom of speech, not censorhip.Pick a leader who will not only bail out banks and airlines, but also families from losing their homes—or jobs due to their companies moving to other countries. Pick a leader who will fund schools, not limiting spending on education and allow libraries to close. Pick a leader who chooses diplomacy over war. An honest broker in in foreign relations. A leader with integrity, but not sly. A leader who encourages diversity, notracism, One who understands the needs the needs of the farmer, theteacher, the doctor and the environmentalist—not only the insurance or pharmaceutical lobbyist.

Pick a leader who will keep jobs in your country by offering companies incentives to hire only within your borders, not one who allows corporations to outsource jobs for cheaper labor when there is national employment crisis. Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, notwalls. Morality, notcorruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance.Loe,not hate.Convergence,not segregation.Tolerance,not discrimination.Fairness,not hhypocrisy.Substance,not superficiality.Character,not immatutity,Transparency ,not secrecy.Justice,not lawlessness. Environmental improvement and preservation, notdestruction. Truth not lies.

Most importantly, a great leader must serve the best interests of the people first, not those of multinational corporations. Human life should never be sacrificed for monetary profit. There are exceptions. Inaddition, a leader should always be open to criticism, not silencing dissent. Any leader who doesn’t tolerate criticism is afraid of their dirty hands being revealed under the heavy light. And such a leader is dangerous, because they only feel secure in the darkness. Only a leader who is free from corruption welcomes scrutiny; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be even a greater leader.
And lastly, pick a leader who will make their citizens proud. One who will stir the hearts of the people, so that that the sons and daughters of a given country can strive emulate their leader’s greatness. Only then will a nation be truly great, when a leader inspires and produces citizens worthy of becoming future leaders, honorable decision makers and peace makers. And in these times, a great leader must be extremely brave. Their leadership must be steered only by their choice, not a bribe”—an excerpt from Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The writings of Suzzy Kassem.

Mrs.Clinton & her running mate,Sen.Tim Kaine
Definitely,that’s not the leaders Donald Trump is and that’s why #TeamHillaryUganda [Grace Abaho Sr,Peri Harris & Owen Erima] continue to present to you a leader(s) who will not play the sly make America Great Again dictum but will rather do all it takes to keep her great—giving a decent minimum wage to every working American, access to an affordable healthcare care, an affordable education to all college students not just for the privileged few but for everyone and among very many other things; a visionary and inclusive Democratic progressive platform—this will be through the very well qualified duo,Clinton-Kaine.Go to the voting booth in November and cast your vote for the only team that sincerely cares about the American people.

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In the  American Journey piece, as for and by myself- in conjunction with Peri Harris and Owen Erima,we make our points rather vividly that anyone who isn’t averse to truth would find so much to learn. I will make it more articulate; with a supplement from Albert Einstein’s 1946 essay: Negroe Question. He wrote very powerful words in this masterpiece but I will pick a few for purposes of this article: “the more I feel American, the more the situation pains me; I can escape the feeling of complicity in it only by speaking out”. While announcing her running mate, Mrs. Clinton perfectly described who Sen. Tim Kaineis, in her own words:

Tim is lifelong fighter for progressive causes and one of the most qualified vice presidential candidates in our nation’s history. But his credentials alone aren’t why I asked him to run a alongside me.Tim is a man of relentless optimism who believes that no problem is unsolvable if you’re willing to put in the work. That commitment to delivering results has stayed with him thought decades-long career as a public servant. I could give you a laundry list of things he accomplished as mayor of Richmond, governor of Virginia, and in the United States senate. But here is the most important: Tim has never taken a job for the glory or the title. He’s the same person whether the cameras are on or off, motivated by the belief that he can make a difference in people’s lives through public service

PHOTO SOURCE:@HillaryClinton
I have waited for so many days looking forward to this day when Mrs. Clinton would make her pick for the running mate: until yesterday when the long list of very well-qualified candidates gave space to the Virginia senator, Sen. Tim Kaine. I must say very loudly that yes, by the choice of veep, you get to see what a presidential candidate really intends to do for the country. When Donald Trump made his pick, rumbling party unity, after the damage he has caused; I shuddered, rather seriously, it turns out. Pence’s experience is strictly on the shallow end of the pool and I don’t think he is awfully smart. Trump’s biggest talent; finding and then calling people insulting names, that’s not what presidency is about. Donald Trump is the personification of diarrhea-of-the mouth. He opens it and it flows: Disdain and contempt. I hereby profoundly say that as #TeamHillaryUganda, we are proud of Hillary’s choice. I have seen this work so many times; especially for the two American Administrations that I have closely paid attention to: the successful administration of President Bill Clinton and that of the 44th president, President Barack Obama.

Photo taken off the web
America is certainly going to be in better hands with the President Hillary Clinton Administration, compared to Donald Trump’s nightmare as he openly showed with his surrogate Veep pick, Mike Pence,[as you have read above] entwined with  his scary acceptance speech: of course as confirmation that he is here for Fascism to reign. It’s so scary that a man who says he wants to ‘make America Great again’ (whatever that means) is the very existential threat to all there is that America stands for. Of course he will not have chances because American people are way better than choosing a bigot, a hero of scam, a male philanderer, a racist and annoyingly stupid ‘[old pampered child’. By the family tree I saw you recently; there is not just fear around this family but everything that can’t be in the white house.

President Obama last night didn’t hold back calling out Donald Trump while calling on America to keep Donald Trump away as far as they can: he is right because his administration has worked so hard to revamp America from the deep abyss it had been driven into eight years. In his very eloquent words, he said: “Globalization is a fact because of technology, because of an integrated global supply chain, because of changes in transportation, and we are not going to be able to build a wall around that. What we can do is to shape the how that process of integration proceeds so that it increases opportunities for ordinary people ,so its creating better jobs, so we are strengthening protections for workers,so we are addressing some of the environmental challenges that come with rapid growth

As early as May 2nd 2014, Sen. Tim Kaine vouched to launch Hillary Clinton to the white House. For so many of us that have paid attention to what President Obama has achieved—while looking at who can keep the legacy and do greater things, we have no remorse seeing Hillary Clinton in the white house for the second time, but as commander in chief this time: making history, as first female president of the United States.Sen Kaine said words that profoundly resonate with what I wrote the second time firmly saying Hillary Clinton will do the job. He said:

 “In 2006, nearly two years ago before the presidential election, I told my friend, then-senator Barack, that I would support him if he ran for Presidency. I was and I am proud that I was one of his first supporters. I made my decision early because I knew something: He was the right person for the job, but getting there would be hard. And sooner I started helping, the more helpful it would be. Today I’m announcing my support for the same reason. If she decides to run-and I hope she will-she is by far the best candidate we could ask to be our 45thpresident, a classic American optimist with the background and experience necessary to lead this country in a very complicated world. I will be starting my fifth year in the senate on inauguration Day 2017, and she is the partner I know I’ll want to be working with in the white house on all fronts

Hillary Clinton did say that she agrees with sen.Ted Cruz, a recent republican presidential candidate who has out rightly called out Trump to what he stands, in total agreement: “vote your conscience”. A lot has been said about Hillary Clinton already; how she is the most qualified candidate—to the very next president of the United States, all left for us to do is to go the voting booth and win this election massively. The Veep pick is done and is a very solid pick. God bless America and the whole world.

Grace AbahoSr is an INDEPENDENT BLOGGER: Article written for and on behalf of #TeamHillaryUganda.