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Tell it Boldly, Chapter 5: Viola

We are born into families not out of choice, none of us has a biological family that we choose. When we are born; we learn to live with everyone around us, especially people who are older than us, first our parents who mold us into beings. The human tribe is quite a large one, growing through life has so many people who come into our space, into our lives. I wake up each day thanking God for the family I was born into, as other chapters have clearly spelled out. One of the greatest gifts I have had in this lifetime, other than being born in a family that is loving, it is the love of our only sister: Viola.

 Her life philosophy
life will always throw lemons at you, squeeze out the best lemonade, isn’t far removed from mine,
life is for the living. Family is everything. No matter how high you climb or how independent you become, the most important thing in anyone’s life is a family. Families are flawed, all are, let no one tell you otherwise.

Having an only sister has been an added adva…