Monday, 30 December 2013


What if we set our egos free? And you stopped trying so hard to love me And I stopped trying so hard to love you And we both stopped trying to love ourselves And instead we focused On loving the world together What if we stopped trying to be interesting to each other? And instead we focused On going interesting places And watching interesting films And having interesting adventures Side by side What if we stopped trying to be beautiful? And instead we focused On enjoying the beauty of nature In places that make us forget ourselves And listening to beautiful music As we dance together under the sky What if we worried less about being replaceable? And focused more on making Irreplaceable memories What if we set our egos free?


We have ALL encountered dogs that have been so mistreated that when you approach them, they lie down,flop over onto their backs and put their Paws up in the air in a totally defenceless Posture. Some People act in the same way: "It's my fault,i screwed up-i deserve a whipping,so let me assume the Position" They communicate to the world their understanding that in every Situation,there are 'whippers' and 'whipees',and that they expect to be the whipee. Paws us People have made it clear that there is a Pecking order and they expect to be at the bottom. The world will gladly accomodate them, If you want to know the the truth,here is the Truth: "The Primary cause of Unhappiness is never the Situation but the thought about it" Beware of the thoughts you are thinking;Seperate them from the Situation which is always Neutral IT IS AS IT IS Stop looking outside for the scrap of Pleasure or Fulfilment, for Validation,Security or Love__You have a TREASURE within that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.


51 years ago on this day,oct 9TH My late mum was born(RIP) as Uganda pulled out of the hands of the imperialists I knew it all the years i lived with her here on earth.... That mummy was heaven sent....she was a game changer. Six years ago when she left to be with the Lord, As we sobbed and felt so lost We all said it deep in our Hearts:"GONE TOO SOON" As Uganda a country with which my mum celebrates her Birthday clocks 51, I Undoubtedly believe that momma is 51 years too in Heaven. Dead as she is,she still lives right here in my heart and will forever be. Mum,always know that your Legacy will forever be, I ,we,miss you so very much here on earth BUT we carry hope in our Hearts that we shall meet again someday. Your loving kindness to the People you helped has been passed unto us And we shall pay it forward like you taught us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY UGANDA. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.


For so long my Life was haunted By the shoes i couldn't fill Of someone i had never understood And likely never will I knew i loved you so much But i hoped in time i would move on I didn't understand the need to cling To things that are long gone And i have found it useless to compete With the version of the past I remember only the happiness And forget why it didn't last So i had to let you go I was playing a game i would never win The gate around your heart is locked And you would never let me in.


It always seems impossible until it is done. Its been a really long year filled with Joy and Sorrow, It is so great the two are twins,they complement each other. No honest Person can tell you they were always happy. Life is a roll coaster of Ups and downs. At this time of the year when everyone is counting the days down, We tend to hold People or worse,situations culpable for Failures. If only this notion of:'it is because of them' died out, I would say everyone is good to go for the New Year. It all takes learning that some setbacks are traps for our comeback. For things you have achieved,congrats. For Failures you've made,you can do better next year. Don't hang in there thinking it is done if you hit the Jackpot, And if you were the fortunate unlucky tell yourself; 'It takes a real man to rise up again after every fall' You are far much better than you think!


The Place called stuck,i dont like it. I'm not fond of it.I dont like how it feels__ensnared by a trap. I set the trap myself.I know it.I admit to it I work hard to escape,grasping out in the world for the right Inspiration. Waiting for the mood,the right time I know what i have to do but cant get myself to do it. As it will entail chewing my arm. I see others doing it,exuding Passion in what they are doing. And i remain here in this spot; Running furiously,trampling my dreams but not getting anywhere. The drama of it all Procrastination.Fear.Fatigue.Anxiety, Worry that won't be Perfect or good enough. We've all been here.I know because i have asked People. Yes,it happens to the best and the brightest of Us But why and how in the world do we get out and get moving into that groove that feels good? If you are like me__and this has,no doubt,happened to you in some way you would read this far __berate yourself about getting started on something.Anything.Just to begin. Beginning is the most important of work. JOY-FILLED NEW YEAR


The only reason known to me for conflict between People is forgeting we are DIFFERENT. Don't judge someone because they sin differently than you. If you exude Prejudice,it will haunt all your Life. No one is hurt by the your Pain and anger but you. As you grow through Life, Always remember: your choicer and responsibilities__win or hold the keys to your Destiny. Grow through Life.Learn and re-learn. You don't really know someone untill you know what they want. If you asked me what is wrong with with world,this is is what i would say: 'People focus on what they want and not for a second think about what other people want or worse,NEED' You have to know when to be arrogant, You have to know when to be humble, And you have to know when to shut the fuck up! Straight up:insolence and the love for superiority is obnoxious. Put your Pride aside.what is the point in being proud and unhappy? The things you love are the things that can easily destroy you, People you call friends might be the first to cast a stone when you flop. But you have to let go.Life goes on. Don't worry about the People in your Past, There is a reason they didn't make it your Future.


Seven months ago when i penned 'a Friend called Grace' it was overly about God's grace towards me. I can never be more grateful to Him because he has always been there for me unconditionally. Two decades and four years ago i survived childhood death by the grace of God ,and,today i am what i am what i am by the grace of God. It has been soft and rough traversing the years but you know what, His grace has been Sufficient for me. I am so grateful to God for all the Providence,it overwhelms me. Grace is the Power that calls us to change and gives the Power to pull it out. I have had this grace from the first day here on earth,it has been with me all the way and i carry hope in my heart it will be with me to the end. It is the grace at the beginning and the end that i am talking about. It was and will be with me when i breathe my last. When you and I come to our death beds,the one thing that helped us in the beginning. My Life started with grace, It has continued with grace, and will end with grace. By the grace i am what i am.Yet not I,but by the grace of God

Monday, 16 December 2013


In Mathematics, he was imprisoned for 27years and lived for 95years In Geography, he put South and the African continent on the world map In theology,he preached the gospel of reconciliation In science,he emerged winner against blindness in the lime dunes at Robben island In Sustainable Procurement,he procured the independence of South Africa In Political science,he traded his Political career with a Compromise for Freedom In Music,he played a song whose ending keeps it lingering in the memory of the Listener. In Philosophy,His words:"It always seems impossible until it is done" will always ring a bell. Most importantly in History,he will FOREVER live in our Hearts.

Friday, 13 December 2013


December 13, 2013 at 2:32pm It always seems impossible until it is done. I cant believe it is finally done, It hasn't been easy but i have finally come through. I have crawled,walked and run across the books, The last three years i have done coursework,was tested and examined At times i felt so low and almost wanted to quit... But you know what:"winners never quit and quitters never win". I have always counted on someone and i am not done yet, when i had lost hope,He gave me hope, when i was desperate,He comforted me, when i was too weak to carry on,He gave a shoulder to lean on, He has been faithful and indeed He never slumbers. I have made friends, I have learned a lot, I am a better being. I cried uncontrollably when i was lost in contemplation. I am now almost shading tears of Joy as i put this down. I am so grateful for those who stayed by my side, Those who have been there for me, Encouraged me, and, made feel i am an asset. I have learned yet a very significant thing the last three years, 'Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished'. And now that this is gone, i now come to yet another race. A lesson i learned from the late Nelson Mandela: "After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb" If you know what this means,I AM OFFICIALLY UNEMPLOYED!!

Monday, 9 December 2013


Dear diary, It is just a few days counting to the day we have long awaited. A day the world celebrates the life achievements of and yet still, the day we shall pay the last respects to the man who bent the of men at a time when they were STIFF. The heart bender,the open hearted,the visionary and undeniably forgiving soul of the century, NELSON MADIBA MANDELA. The day comes at a time when the questions still bubble through my mind on who carry on now. To wear the shoes that no man alive can fit in but borrow the nature and make of the shoes he wore. An icon with the true kindred spirit of the African soil! Here i am right now looking for the beginning and yet the end has to make sense, After reading about and seeing a life well-lived. A life that profoundly spells out a LEGACY. At a time when the hearts of many were crowded with hatred,he spread the gospel of reconciliation. At a time when there was no hope,he gave hope to millions of people. At a time when there was total darkness in the woods,he came through like an angelic being. At a time when there was mass violation of human rights,he was ready to fight till the last drop of his blood. At time when almost everyone gave up on the battle,he sacrified to go through the insurmountable Pain. This man of immortal legacy, our father, Friend, Counselor, and the true kindred spirit,NELSON MADIBA MANDELA,was available to make things right. His principled stand in defense of the fundamental equality of all human beings was decisive in dismantling the system of apartheid. That is wisdom for today as we strive to help the vulnerable, end armed conflict, protect human rights and create the better world for which Nelson Mandela gave so much. His remarkable compassion upon his release from prison after 27 years set that South Africa immediately on a path of dialogue and reconciliation shall forever live in the hearts of many. Rest in Peace our loving father,mentor and friend NELSON MADIBA MANDELA.


I have met challenges all my life seeing people who are so ungrateful: they always want to find something to critique, I am so very clear on this,no man who has ever held the office of presidency would congratulate a friend upon getting it. I am so very sickened by every one who thinks in their cockroach heads that the global icon the late Nelson Madiba Mandela betrayed us when he reconciled the blacks and whites without reservations for revenge based on their old follies. I once again want to say this ,my, rather our hero was very clear that he was so determined to end racial imbalance for both the whites and the blacks, he did that and any sensible soul should really appreciate. Every one is overly entitled to their opinion but you have to be aware that: Every time you open your month or pen down something,you let men look into your mind. To you that are preaching the gospel of betrayal against the background of what you intend to call saintly reconciliation, you are so full of shit! Let me tell you what you don't know; Nelson Mandela Pictured himself delivering the perfect presentation, and absorbed the energy of reconciliation. The propaganda of Mandela's betrayal was spread by the former wife Winnie who mixed family issues to make it look like he was to carry the blame, If you fall suit,you are as good as stupid. Mandela brought freedom to south Africa that was torn a thunder by apartheid after years of torture in the lime pit, you should be grateful for this sacrifice.honestly!! Do you know Winnie the most scandalous woman in this issue refused to give Mandela his rights as man to an extent of making him the loneliest man in the world? Did you or did you ever read about why the two divorced? In his own words the icon presented this in court: ""The bedroom is where a man and woman discuss the most intimate details. There were so many things I wanted to discuss with her, but she is the type of person who fears confrontation. I was the loneliest man during the period I stayed with her" what do you expect from such venomous slanderer? you are no better than her if you think the twenty eight years in prison were for betrayal! RIP NELSON MADIBA MANDELA

Friday, 6 December 2013


It is with sadness that I heard of the news of Mzee Nelson Mandela’s death. The sad and heroic story of Mzee Mandela starts in 1453 AD when the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople (Istanbul as it is called today) from the Byzantine Empire. That capture blocked the overland route from Europe to Asia that had been established by Marco Polo many centuries before. That route was important to Europe especially for spices and silk trade. With that blockage, the Europeans started looking for an alternative sea route to the East, around the massive African continent. Prince Henry, the Navigator, of Portugal established a naval school at Cadiz to improve on the construction of ships and on navigation techniques so that they could have ships that could withstand long Ocean voyages to Asia, around Africa. This is not the time and place to go into the details of that European effort of circumventing the Moslem blockade. 2 Suffice it to say that by 1498, a mere 45 years after the fall of Constantinople, the Portuguese, Vasco Da Gama, had rounded the Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town) and spent the Christmas of that year at Natal, that is why that area was so named, remembering the birth of Christ. With the discovery of the sea route to the Far East by the Europeans, that is where the sad but also heroic story of Nelson Mandela and Africa begins. Initially, the Europeans came as traders, establishing refuelling and replenishment stations for their ships on the way to the Far East. Within a few centuries, however, the traders had become the colonizers. The sad thing is that while all this was unfolding, the African Chiefs and other leaders never made serious efforts to co-ordinate in order to guarantee our future as free people. Yes, various tribes fought the colonialists. However, the co- ordination was either not there or too late. On account of internal weaknesses within Africa, therefore, by the birth of Mzee Mandela in 1918, the whole of African continent, except for Ethiopia, had been colonized. 3 Therefore, Mandela had the misfortune of being born under colonialism like many of us were. Various individuals reacted differently to this situation. Many acquiesced even and accepted collaborated with it. colonialism or However, a few others like Mandela, Albert Luthuli, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, etc., chose the difficult, hard route of resistance to colonialism. That resistance invited reprisals from the oppressors. The African National Congress (ANC) people are more qualified to go into the details of that resistance by the Party and the individuals that were involved. On account of our Pan-Africanist orientation, we linked up with the ANC in 1967 in Dar es-Salaam. Ever since that time, the NRM, or its precursors, have been working closely with the Liberation Movements of Southern Africa – ZANU, ZAPU, FRELIMO, ANC, SWAPO, MPLA, etc, etc. The resistance of all the colonized peoples in the world had benefitted from three factors: i. The continued resistance of those colonised peoples, ii. The fratricidal fighting among the imperialists (the 1st and 2nd World Wars); and 4 iii. The solidarity from the socialist countries (Soviet Union, China, etc., ever since 1917) That resistance had led to some of the cleverer imperialists giving back the freedom of the people peacefully, examples being India and many of the African countries, including Uganda. However, those who were not so clever, such as Portugal and the Boers of South Africa and Rhodesia, thought they could maintain their colonial or minority and racist regimes. It was the lot of freedom fighters like Mzee Mandela and his colleagues to sacrifice and fight those regimes. Mzee Mandela spent almost the whole of his adult life fighting for freedom, starting as a youth in the 1940s. Eventually, he went to jail where he spent 27 years. Out of his 95 years on earth, given to him by God, it is only in the last 22 years, since 1991, that he has lived as a free man. What a sacrifice!! Even those 22 last years of his life, he was not out of danger. Did I not recently hear of South African racists that were plotting to kill him for fighting for freedom? Didn’t Chris Hani die, shot dead, when South Africa was preparing for the first democratic elections? Chris Hani 5 had been at Rwakitura to visit me where I tried to prevail on him not to go back to South Africa yet, but in vain. Mzee Mandela and his colleagues in the ANC have fulfilled their mission of throwing out the oppressors. It is the duty of the present generation to immunize Africa against future colonisation. Salutations to the sacrifices and achievements of Mzee Mandela and his colleagues. Yoweri K. Museveni Gen (Rtd) CHAIRMAN OF THE NRM AND PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA


It has been 95 years since the world hero Nelson Madiba Mandela started his work on earth.Born to change the world into a better place in a racist south Africa, he satisfied his most important day on earth when he set the parameters beyond measure. 18 years ago when i learned about Nelson Mandela i looked up to him like many of the world's most influential men do.HE is the father of people i can ever look up to.A true inspiration.A legend. Today as i grieve Mandela's death,i am certain he is done doing what he was supposed to do.He sets a challenge to you and I to do better than he has done that is almost impossible.As we remember his triumphs, let us, in his memory, not just reflect on how far we've come, but on how far we have to go. The freedom he rained in the land after years of sacrifice is the world's most known sacrifice next to Jesus'.In one of of his speeches to the people Mandela exudes maximum selflessness when he says:" During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die" To many,MANDELA has been and will forever be their savior. It is only Mandela that has set parameters that only the gold medalists still yearn to get to even when they have had quite a lot in their area of expertise.It is only Mandela that the white man even in his racist state still looks up to and clearly admits that you are truly an inspiration. The next years we have to live are now a challenge for me and you since he leaves a gap to continue his work and yet far more a thing you can only achieve with divine wisdom. I know he is gone to be with the LORD.I shall and will forever look to your selfless Sacrifice and exemplary attributes all the years of my Life.RIP NELSON MADIBA MANDELA

Monday, 2 December 2013


#From:GRACE ABAHO #TO: THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA My beloved government, It has come to my knowledge that you are reconsidering amendments to the KCCA ACT 2010 in a bid to end the rifts between the Kampala mayor and the KCCA ED. It has been quite an issue for the citizens on finding the most significant "why" to the racus in town since the inception of the KCCA. Today when i read it in the papers that you are reconsidering amendments i was so overwhelmed with Joy.It is now that you seem to be tackling the source of the problem. When you appointed madam Jennifer,you practically made the mayor toothless__the ED to the KCCA was given power to the extremes.I do not know why it took you almost forever to realize you gave birth to the problem. The inception of the KCCA was a very wonderful idea.Even amid the unclear line of authority and span of control,we can see some achievements already. Yes,the mayor,ERIAS LUKWAGO could have been stubborn at some point.But do you notice he was put into a situation? Thinking about re-strategising is a wonderful idea too but the fundamental question is: "How are you going to make amendments?" The opposition and other citizens think you could have messed up by failing to set clear lines so please dont mess it up yet again. Insanity is doing the same thing again and again expecting different results.My candid advice to you is,let it be PARTICIPATORY AMENDMENTS. It now makes sense,you cant take a log from your neighbor's eye before taking out that in your own.Do the math yet again!I wish you luck. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.