Thursday, 19 September 2013


I haven't lost you yet
I still talk to you in my mind
And think of the stories i will tell you
And of what will make you laugh
And what will make you angry
Or shocked or excited or sad

I have lost you yet
Because i still have a closet full of clothes
That smell just like you
Then you cant be really gone

I have not lost you
Because i still have eleven voice mails
Where you tell me you love me
And if i can still hear you
Then you cant be really gone!


If you have been tried by it,you have been tempted or you have learned the hard way,
Either way,Adversity visits each one of Us.
Our learning to this blow has to fit in certain Parameters:
within that little bubble,within the gap limit and within a tiny digital graph.
It is only when we silence the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of the Truth;
Life reveals to us standing at the doorsteps of our hearts.

If we are to use our tools in the Service of fitting on Earth,
Our basic relationship to nature-even the story we tell ourselves about who we are has to Change.
Begin what you want to do now for you only have this moment sparkling like a star in your hand and melting like a snowflake.

If you realise that dealing that dealing with adversity is not running away from the truth but rather facing the truth,you surely will sail through the Storm.
Just remember always that if you dont know where you are going,you will end up somewhere else.
You can never cross the ocean unless you have the Courage to lose the Sight of the Shore.
Learn to deal with ADVERSITY


In the name of finding Happiness,
We diet,We jog,We meditate
Practice relaxation to curtail Stress,
And when everything goes ripe over the bend,
We think we are worthless,feel guilty and ashamed
Just know this within your mental lexicon,there are certain things that may forever haunt you
The brain systems underlying Sex,hearing,left handedness
In the farthest thoughts of the mind we are driven to;
Look beyond the hook.
This entails Panic,sexual dysfunctions,Depression and Optimism.

The mind is quite a thing in cultivating a fertile ground for happiness
The Psychological beasts:"Depression,anxiety,stupidity and traumatic stress" are lockers to self fulfilment and Happiness
Stupidity for instance is only drawn out by dealing with ignorance
There are no chances of Fulfillment in a Cycle of ignorance
It rather keeps you in the Dark
As long as you are still lost in stupidities,fears,sadness and whatever you lust after
You will achieve happiness and Fulfillment in a day dream
It is not the Pursuit of Happiness that we find Fulfillment,it is in the Happiness of Pursuit