Friday, 8 June 2012


by Grace Brinsley Clives on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 9:19am ·
Were we to measure lv,
By climbing trees
By the trees we climb,
the disabled wouldnt cope

were we to find love,
In e deepest ocean,
In seas deep,
The water creatures would have it

were we to tap love,
From e clouds,
In the skies,
The eagles would ever soar so high

were we to find love,
rooted underground,
beneath the earth,
the dead wld hv to rejoice

love is not measured thus
Not in hw far and wide
You ve travelled,
Not in rivers crossed,forests traversed
love lies within our reach
Just in our hearts-
It is giving out the love in you
That it starts pouring forth
Overwhelming you,
Making u realise
how rich u are
And so much love in you

"Rivers and Reservoirs"

by Grace Brinsley Clives on Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 2:31pm ·
Most of Us quite often under-estimate our potentials and hence misuse our inherent abilities.To change the world to a better Place,we MUST;
It cant go without saying that back of a noble life,there are principles that have fashioned it.In this world we live we make choices* either to be a "river or a reservoir".

Accordingly,I believe Jesus wants us to be rivers instead of reservoirs.Just as a river allows flesh water to constantly flow through.We need to "be ready unto the good work" Titus 2:14...ready to share and pass on what we have/know to others.
#My gratitude to every one who has been a river to ME in the early part of my Life.

XYZ Of Love

by Grace Brinsley Clives on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 6:48am ·
Write me a Poem
About the Xyz Of Love¡

Let it not be a Poem
About the abc of dating or courtship,
Of Love On first encounter
Of Loss of appetite and body weight
Whenever she was beyond a stone's throw;
Or loss of Sleep and Peace Of Mind
Whenever she was beyond earshot

Neither Let it be
About the Lmn of the middle years of settled Marriage
When the children have come
and you are struggling Day and Night to bring them Up in the world

With the holes in your Pocket
and the rain leaking through the roof
While you Agonise in your Half sleep
How to find food,fuel and fees

No,let it be a Poem
about the xyz of Love
In its climatic years
About two total strangers
Utterly dismiliar in Anatomy and Physionomy
Who have mutually so moulded themselves
Into a thorough Image of each other
and the neighbours ultimately remark
"See how they look like brother and sister"
that when the couple finally dies,the other fondly follows.