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Allow to begin on this note where i reference the bible:
Joshua 1:9: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified or discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go”
Psalms 32:10: “Many are the woes of the wicked but the LORD’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him”
Romans 8:18: “I consider that our Present suffering is not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us”
 Gradually, it will add up and here is why;

You have heard about the historic 2016 election in Uganda, though the most heart-wrenching in the history of the Ugandan electorate. It is with sadness that I write this dissertation with some of the key things I have captured through the campaign trails. I have to say before I go into the nitty gritty that Dr.Besigye, though cheated was my choice candidate, and for millions of Ugandans. He has been arrested unnecessarily for fifty two times( I am worried  they may even pick him up before I finish typing this).I didn’t mince words when I shared my admiration for this iconic legend in the fight for  Freedom:

During and through the campaigns, our leaders made very outlandish statements’ cannot still understand how a secretary general of ruling party (Kasule Lumumba) finds the audacity to proclaim that anyone who protests when the votes are rigged will be shot at at(something the Uganda Police have out rightly done, shooting and killing People).This in conjunction with what Mr.Museveni had earlier said: “I will not hand over power to the opposition” and his partner in crime the inspector general of Police Kale Kayihura said: “We will not let the opposition take over power
I can’t even find the nerve beyond broken what to express the rage, anger and disappointment I have with our top notch leaders who now see an independent country (53 years ) with a constitution s family business. Worst case scenario, I have reached a point where the hope that these kinds of statements are not going away soon, quoting the president after the declaration of the president-elect (himself, of course) vowed: “I will crush the opposition in the next five years”.

Well, Mr.Museveni has tried to crush the opposition but failed the last fifteen years, actually every effort he makes embarrasses him and the opposition grows stronger each day.
What Mr.Museveni and his minions have done perfectly is scatter the skeletons of their hypocrisy right outta the closet while at once making a mockery of their usual “show of democracy”. I have wept tears of Joy and pain at once. I still don’t understand how parents stand out there and applaud such animosity forgetting that when they are gone, the effects of what the ugliness they are planting now will catch up with their children and grandchildren, looking at Museveni as a spirited patriotic as he oversteps the law to sustain himself on his throne. The no change of Museveni kind of people being tone-deaf about the realities of a common man are infatuated at a very personal level: to describe where they live, it’s a place that explains how reluctant they are to confront and imagine the realities of a life of the less privileged, where many of the Ugandan populace still fall. Unfortunately, they have enthusiastically decided to promise better every campaign trail but never deliver, this is what I earlier called Museveni’sslew of lies:
If Mr.Museveni were an honest man, if asked whether he has done this other than promising them on the campaign trails, he would say he is guilty as charged.Today, there are 83 percent unemployed youth, how do you even begin to explain that?

At the debate(s) where Mr.Museveni appeared just at the second debate, when Dr.Besigye was asked whether he calls the kind of dictatorship a pseudo dictatorship he said: “it’s an outright dictatorship, not a pseudo dictatorship”. It was one of those cringe –inducing moments for Museveni I have ever seen,while at the historic debates:

As you read, we have never had a peaceful handover, and maybe it may not be here soon as the events have unfolded the last couple of days. Dr.Besigye has often called us upon having the power to the people not in the hands of the president, I totally agree as evidence speaks for itself very clearly. Mr.Museveni and his minions  don’t agree to this fact-yet the harrowing upheavals of the common man; while they dub the progress steady; are telling of their unflinching love for their comfort zone.Surely,I have never met a group so averse to truth like this one, but I found an explanation:
The Musevenist; want to be coddled and cuddled; they have painted their god-Museveni as a soft delicate flower that ought to be held with care. HELL NO! Save that bullshit for tomorrow.  Mr.Museveni has called almost everyone who breaks the mold of conformism and calls him to his ineptitude a liar but well, that’s what a man whose want for stamina continues ailing does however much he tries to renovate it.

The word of God is very crystal clear in the book of Proverbs 17:15: “acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent, the LORD detests them both”. We live in a nation devoid of justice and hostile to truth. We live in a nation that acquits the guilty, condemns the innocent, calls good evil. Once you come to terms with this, you will never be shocked by anything no matter how outrageous, depraved, wicked et al .The good can only win a case in a nation where justice exists, sadly, we do not live in such a nation.
No decent person would applaud such a turn of events. If you try to take their side and cheer them while they evade accountability, you are a deeply troubled human being.

This will have a very tough sell in the ears of someone who hates the truth but this one time, please try and deal with the heart-wrenching truth that you continue to lay claim to as not truth on the flip-side. Actually, you should be filled with immense affection for me when I call Mr.Museveni a very ‘smart man’ who does things by ‘intelligent design’. Or maybe now that you have melted into a boiling puddle of rage and self-pity. Havent you? It shouldn’t matter that my criticisms are sharp and severe; you ought to revere me all the more for it.Now let me say this very loudly, ‘I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR ANGER’,I have been through that stage and I have now graduated to indignation. I will congratulate you if you ever get where I am right now! Yes I have been angry and super angry as I see you and your boss call selfish progress steady progress and I am calling you to this outright hypocritical villainy. Right down the list of your anger, you are blithely embracing every single thing you are angry about: Mr.Museveni; an embodiment of corruption, elitism and cultural hegemony.
I would be mentally ill to support something that I am avidly angry about or I would rather be fantastically stupid or not angry at all.
Bear with me: with the 83 percent unemployed youth(to which I am party yet highly qualified),an economy that has gone in the ‘toilet’, the continued monetization of Politics, the poor healthcare, the poor quality education and decrepit schools for the common man, the partisan policing and defiled systems—look ,we no longer have a functioning constitution!
Now let’s talk about the just concluded elections. By the way, you should doubly love what I am doing here because it appears very close to apophasis, which is a rhetorical device where the speaker coyly makes an accusation or insult in the context of denying or distancing himself from the unkind remark. For instance, “Many people think my neighbor Badru is a thieving jerk who borrowed my garden hose last July and didn’t return it, but I am not going to talk about it”—that kind of stuff.Mr.Museveni and his agents use that a lot (if you remember how we begun) but we can’t wait now to spill the dirty laundry any more. No way, No more, No, Museveni!
Allow me to be painfully honest about this. If there are not hiding anything behind closed doors, why then do they evade all avenues that will clear the air, if this open letter I earlier wrote to Mr.Museveni was listened to:

And I can’t afford to live out the Uganda Electoral Commission boss Mr.Badru Kiggundu; he equally has his role play in this whole thing. Actually, he is one of the architects. I leave one for him, as well:


I want to call upon all the authority figures to try and much as they can to do this for me.About Dr.Besigye’s supporters: they want someone to protect them and their way of life(a life very miserable and way-different from that of the privileged few).vilifying them will not change their minds. Listening and expressing empathy is the only path to light .Of course, doing this requires that we face our own fears first. This is the greatest challenge we as individuals   face through the evolution and awakening of our collective human consciousness. This way, we all win, Peace and security wins: “ONE UGANDA, ONE PEOPLE”.I do not write this as an authority figure but only as a citizen who is very much worried and cares about his contry.Where I overstate the truth, bear with me and forgive me.And, where I am short of the truth, I pray the LORD shines a light in those places~Grace Abaho Sr, P10 AUTHOR.

Monday, 15 February 2016


When the presidential Aspirants held hands across the aisle, just before the second presidential debate.
Photo Source: unknown

I think all good reporting is the same thing-the best attainable version of the truth~Carl Bernstein
2nd Thessalonians 2:8-10: “they perish because they refuse to love the truth and be saved”
Basically, a very objective analysis of the debates against the status Quo has been made: I am very humbled to be making this analysis of the first historic debate in the republic of Uganda; an important learning curve .I clearly articulate the facts in a way that will get Uganda better, and not bitter, and also keep the African Hopes alive. If you listened intently to the articulation of matter over substance, you will love this analysis and it will seal the deal for the best choice candidate. I personally have mine and I will not cower to say his name, the People’s President: DR.KIIZA BESIGYE WARREN KIFEFE (RTD COL).

PRESIDENT MUSEVENI. Y. K: He is leader of the thirty year old regime who dodged the first Presidential debate under the pretext of a busy schedule to which he laid the hypocrisies. A day later when he made very uncouth comments saying he couldn’t attend the first debate because it was just “secondary kids’’ in a debate. That was a very gross misrepresentation of facts and utterly disrespectful, the debate being a Presidential candidates’, to which issues of national interest were tabled. A lot of heat preceded the events of course especially after he out rightly spilled his utter arrogance and unwarranted need for attention even when he knows it too well he has a very tough sell now: because the people are tired of his leadership and would rather try a new ‘knight’.

Missing him on the first debate was so defeaning.He wasn’t physically present, at the first debate, but the truth is surely he could still have his place in the very details of the discussions. His place is one that isn’t the best to have for a leader of a thirty year old regime: dodging the ever first nationally organized debate for the Presidential hopefuls. To this effect, the nation and world over questioned his ability to take the country to the next level. As often the case, he condescended and played twinkle toes, much as he couldn’t pull it off forever. So much happened along the way, with the VOA journalist Shaka Ssali was chosen as moderator amongst the team of moderators and he was quoted saying he couldn’t attend in the event of him being the key moderator. Well, as usual, as his inconsistences have often been his most upheld consistency he showed up: to a “Children’s debate’’ and also moderated by Shaka Ssali though not as major moderator. Now that’s what we talk about when we talk about Cognitive Dissonance.

At the debate, where Foreign issues were tabled, he had this performance: Well, I am still in disbelief that he didn’t deflate on national TV because while he entered, you could imagine him asking to use iced water by the very moment of the first Question, thanks to the “comedy central” Elton Joseph Mabirizi who did a great job of keeping him alert to afford a smile whist staying awake. I will quickly take you through to the end, his love for scripture is interesting, remember where he said:  “we shall know them by their fruits”. It left me thinking about the way of the devil as talked about the gospel of Mathew: “the ravenous wolves dressed in sheep clothing”. If we are going to use the word of God to misrepresent the enabling truths, we are no less the agents of the devil, that’s to President Museveni.Shortly, the following:

Business as usual, President Museveni asserted that rather talking about big things, the debate was wasting time on little things. This careless comment was made when asked about the integration question where instead of answering the question right away, he first looked for his arrogant switch button to insult the other debaters and the organizers, the good news is he ended up playing the best self-made victim to the insane and careless comments. As I have often said, the best time to do nothing is when an enemy is making a mistake; I was so at peace in my heart. In the words of James Baldwin: “Sentimentality, the ostentatious parading of excessive and spurious emotion, is the mark of dishonesty, the inability to feel; the wet eyes of a sentimentalist betray his aversion to experience, his fear of life, his arid heart; and it is always therefore the signal of secret and violent inhumanity, the mask of cruelty”

On oil, he says and believes the NRM, him as the commander in chief is everything there is to the oil discovery. That is insane and often misleads his perspective of thought on the dire need for him to wake up to the reality that Oil resource is for all Ugandans and not just a single party or president. I have grown very conscious of Mahtma Ghandi’s beautiful words: “Earth provides enough for every man’s need but not every man’s greed”. Every time I hear him lay claim to the oil without shame, I am left with no other option but to be reminded of this profound statement.
On the Congo saga to which we are owed ten billion shillings that Besigye properly tabled, he claims all there is to our involvement in DRC was to protect us from them, that’s befuddling of facts trying to over step the avenues of truth.

On the ICC, President Museveni said a big YES to keeping Uganda out of it, that we often question knowing this a backup plan after the very nearing defeat: an escape route to the crimes he has committed against humanity while meddling Musevenism all the way. Nothing of this grim denouement was unforeseeable-----or, for that matter unforeseen.

DR.KIZZA BESIGYE WARREN KIFEFE (RTD COL): This is the leader of the strongest opposition party and the strongest opposition leader the Museveni government has ever known. At once, I would like to say very importantly,Dr.Besiigye broke the mold of conformism when he succeeded from the strayed NRM party fifteen years ago: Just like Museveni’s thirty years of Presidency matter,ofcourse,without factoring Dr.Besigye’s earlier relationship with Museveni;we would be very unfair. That informs and ideally, illuminates---his perspective and carries a Positive symbolism that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. His towering intellect and trenchant wit has got most of the often ‘done’ things ‘done’: things not done till talked about.Museveni and his ‘worshippers’ have often besmirched him as a chaotic leader ever since his secession but that’s utterly untrue: Dr.Besigye is a true freedom fighter, one that cares about freedom for all, and would like everyone to move with a ‘swagger’. The most part of his political career as an opposition leader has been an authentic calling out of President Museveni’s meddling of dictatorship, a dictatorship they fought very hard to end with the bush war back in 1986, remember these two were close allies then.

He did proud his party by showing up on both debates. He was very romantically attuned with his beautiful and highly intelligent wife Eng. Winnie Byanyima the director of Oxfam international. Earlier, on the first debate, he had proclaimed he wouldn’t show up in the event where the incumbent didn’t show up. Due to public outcry and advice from the different stake holders, he showed up, to the debate dubbed a “Children’s Debate’’ by President Museveni.He did put up a great show for both debates and by objective analysis provided very articulate for most of the ‘teething issues’. He tackled the often seriously avoided issues and gladly he could have a one-on-one rebuttal with the President (Museveni Y K).A few highlights:

Dr.Besigye continued to assert that its unfortunate power handover has never been peace in our country, that’s on record, and is something to worry about as well as pray for. To this, the often used chorus of his trails ever since he came through on the opposition ship made more meaning, to give power back to the people.
Dr.Besigye made a very highly fundamental point while stating his position on regional integration: “structural problems are the major hindrance to the integration: the problem is with the leaders and not the integration of the people”. Anyone very aware of history knows by fact check, that’s very true, if we can cite an example of the times of former Ugandan president the late Idi Amin and Tanzania’s Kambarage Julius Nyerere.
On foreign investors, he questioned the kind of investors the Museveni government has often given chances, calling them fake rather than foreign investors. He pointed out the example of Shimoni and Coffee marketing board, I can say as a matter of factly that was also the realest talk we had in the house. That is a very disheartening issue that needs to be looked into very seriously.

On Uganda’s involvement in Congo to which President Museveni tried to condescend peddling fiction, he made it very clear to the people that we need not to try to look around for a way to bury the inconvenient truths, but say it as it is: a very UNEXCUSABLE thing. His wife made a nod in total agreement, the kind of agreement your dear wife gives and the world admires in the background, and these two can surely make a great team: commander in Chief and first lady, respectively.

On the Oil question, whether it is a curse or not, Dr.Besigye gave the best deserving answer. He eloquently answered: “Yes, Oil is a curse in the hands of a an unaccountable and corrupt regime”.Dr.Besigye didn’t mince words when it came to reminding the president how the parliamentarians were ferried in army uniform to Kyankwanzi,where they were given good money, that finally lead to the passing of the oil clauses President Museveni had earlier mentioned. This question was a tone setter as per the revelations of the often made outlandish statements that it is “his” oil and he will not leave when it has just been discovered. In the wake of this comment, President Museveni shrunk, though he couldn’t swallow the pride even so.It is often ignored but what President Museveni intends to advance, looking at our oil as personal property, is totally out of step with history and constitutional principles.

His ending statement is very true of him: “I am an eternal optimist, that’s why I keep on trying”. This is one thing that any objective analyst would say of Dr.Besigye.His unwavering determination and dedication to the quest for freedom is a very important attribute to him.Dr.Besigye honestly has done all it takes, he has a very formidable work plan, he can do very beautifully as the next commander in chief.

HON.JOHN PATRICK AMAMA MBABAZI: He is a lawyer by profession and has quite a profile. He is a former prime minister and leader in various government positions. He has served and worked with President Museveni for over thirty years. He did quite fairly on the first presidential debate, him being a very recent defector from the conformism to Museveni, though still in the NRM.On the issues where he finds his hands in a very close relationship, he even often slides it off to having limited or no powers, while he worked with President Museveni.I find it very hard to believe his rhetoric wholesomely, he strikes me as a sincere-sounding liar, though can help in weakening the Museveni NRM base.

He did a very good display of information power, having served as security minister in Museveni’s time for a while; he called him out on the security he sings allover. He tactfully asked a few hard boiled questions. What kind of security are you talking about when eighty three percent of the youth are unemployed? What sort of security are you talking about when the hospitals are in sorry state and expecting mothers die like chicken?Wow,these were very solid questions, thanks John Patrick.

He is articulate on issues to do with transformative leadership since he envisions passing on leadership to the young people. Apparently, he has a great job to do to win the required support to win a national election, especially if Dr.Besigye is still around. That aside, he can be a good player in a non-corrupt government

MAJOR GEN (RTD) BENON BIRARO: He had a very nice presentation in the first debate, that can’t go without mentioning. Honestly, if he had come out earlier, he would be having a huge following already. I loved the most these two things: the Maputo declaration rhetoric and the Indian external benchmark. It was surely a very nice show out there. Wait, there is a part he bored me with the ‘Bushmen’ rhetoric, I have heard enough of it enough. Albeit, he did really well with the comeback when he said that the involvement of the army in the NAADs; “the army are not in the NAADs  to revamp the programme, they are there to have some work to do other than the ‘nothingness’ in the army”. That was a very nice show for sure.
In the second debate, he still did well and I will cite out a few areas that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. He said, in regard to having out troops in the other countries, foreign policy is about national interests and certainly you can’t do that in isolation of your own country. That was very eloquent; everyone could feel that ringing truth therein.

As he noted on citizenship and being subjects, a citizen can be subject of the law, being a citizen oppressed by the government in power----that’s what democracy ought to deal with. As I have often said of Dr.Besigye’s unfettered quest for freedom: “one has not only a legal responsibility to obey the just laws, conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey the unjust laws”. So, the way Biraro brought up his idea rings at peace with what I believe in, unapologetically.

ENG.ELTON JOSEPH MABIRIZI: He was the most ‘terrific’ candidate of the debates: comedy central’s mismatched talent in engineering. He didn’t have to convince you that he was on the wrong platform because it was practically showing. I know I can’t take away the constitutional right of any Ugandan to contest for Presidency but in my sincerest comment, he didn’t have to waste the twenty million Uganda shillings (the non- refundable fee to the EC).Again, I know it is okay to make headlines but honestly it’s not okay to forget that you are a father-figure in real life. His Children and wife may never recover from the humiliation he left for them to live with on that stage. I doubt he asked them how terrific he was when he stepped home. He strikes me as the kind, if elected, would be the direct equivalent of a weather vane that blows whichever way the wind blows, the good news is he can ‘never’ be President!

He did ‘great’ as usual on the second debate, a role play that no one could play perfectly; he is proof positive that everybody in the world is equally important. Let me explain: He took away President Museveni’s grim face, which he had entered with earlier, and also kept him awake with unstoppable laughter for the entire debate. He begun by reminding the audience about the dire need to have women “down there –there” and went straight away to strip naked his drama script .When asked about Peace in the East African integration (Region), he bemoaned: we have to restore term limits if we want Peace, President Museveni’s two minute laughter was at this point in time, actually he almost used a hankie to wipe off the tears of Joy down his chin.

Much as in his deluded mind he imagined himself as president, when he appeared late for the debate, saying he was just following protocol: the late appearance, him being president. The truth is Mabirizi is nuts and to take anything he says serious would be just to have a feel-good moment. We certainly do not need men like Elton Joseph Mabirizi anywhere even close to the local council; he should try his best suit: comedy!

Ms. MAUREEN KYALYA: Maureen Kyalya is the only female presidential contender of this historic election. I remember well, Maureen is the candidate that thinks sociology is the next word that Uganda needs. She had quite an impressive start. Where she said that there is tear gas at every police post than there is medicine in the hospitals. I swear I clapped for her on this. I saw my uncle Dr.Besigye smile (I wish I could insert the moment here).And then, she acted more of a petulant child when she broke out on the Basoga rhetoric. That turned me off. I have heard enough of it from a powerful lady I will not mention here.To assume the basoga are the most neglected would be a terrible thing to believe.

Maureen has a way of starting on fire; you can be seduced to like her just that her UK experience takes over thereafter: She makes me want to go to the United Kingdom very soon. The song she started with narrating the story of how President Museveni made them believe the ‘future’ was for them, then, was a winner. It was a class act out there, I earnestly admired that well scripted act there, it reveals of the true Museveni: Kudos Maureen Kyalya!If you read my earlier column, PRESIDENT MUSEVENI’S SLEW OF LIES here on the website, you know Maureen and I plus millions of  Ugandans we agree to this.

Well, as I said earlier, she starts well and soils everything up eventually. Maureen Kyalya when asked on what she could do about terrorism started off to pander over the issue with sheer nonsense, saying: “as a mother I can handle the terrorism affectionately”. Seriously? Does motherhood guarantee any special skill in dealing with terrorism? Well, if you are ignorant about this like I am, that’s the gospel according to Maureen Kyalya.It is extremely and purely unimaginable in the books of history: the day motherhood beat terrorism, terrific!
She was the other candidate that made a very great cause-effect for President Museveni’s light moment, especially when she publicly shared how she and Museveni had talked over recruiting him as presidential advisor if she ‘ever’ became president, the President laughed so very much as soon this came out of her mouth: to which he said she had actually proposed a VP  post that he declined, settling for presidential advisor.Well,again,the President found a very sweet friend in Kyalya other than the ‘renown’  Elton Joseph Mabirizi.Besides that, she can do something very productive as a women representative in a good government.

PROF.VERNASIUS BARYAMUREEBA: Former Vice Chancellor of Makerere University and other impressive duties. He is a very nice match for the post of minister of education and Sports, science and technology. The part where he says he has been in an executive position at Makerere. That was a very perfect inclusive of showing his potential in this ministry, if ever appointed. Other than that, he may have some work to do to convince the nation that he is the right man for the job. He actually, sadly, wryly laughed at himself when he imagined himself as president in the second debate.

Then again, on our brothers and sisters who are ill-treated in places they go to look for jobs, since they can’t be availed back home, he didn’t mince words: “ those ambassadors in charge  are political failures who are appointed as consolation for their local humiliation”. That is a very sincere truth bomb, no one said ever.
He left the public to a biblical thought quoting from Deuteronomy chapter 34; this immersion in scripture is a thing I admire personally, being an ardent lover of the scripture. He is a very resourceful person, since he has a snow ball’s chance at ever making it to the biggest office; he can concentrate on his university for now he gains ground.

Also: in the second debate, he impressed me major on these: a time when he said that Uganda’s involvement in every war that rings within is playing a “father-figure”, unnecessarily. That was a very hard hit on the government for sure. We can’t afford to play along on each and every war that sneezes from the near vicinity and the far end while ignoring the pertinent issues back home.

DR.ABED BWANIKA: A very pronounced agriculturalist. He too can do well in a good government under ministry of animal husbandry and fisheries. It’s really unfortunate he has failed to fetch the necessary popularity to run the show. I must say he is someone who has very calculated plans at his fingertips, he must be a very good researcher for sure, and his presentation has very rich factual data.

It can’t go without saying that he gave a very brilliant answer when it came to the ‘popular’ Oil question: “Oil can never be a curse; it belongs to the people of Uganda, and not anyone in particular”. He went ahead to cement his point with clarification that actually anyone who lays claim to the Oil as personal property is a very cruel human being. He envisions the oil resource as a tool and booster for socio economic development: I totally agree with him, as long as it is not in the hands of a “corrupt and unaccountable regime”.

On the question of the ICC, Bwanika was very deeply disappointing, can’t believe he falls prey to President Museveni’s backup plan. The ICC may not be perfect but as regards justice, they are surely doing a very commendable job, to say Uganda should have pulled out of it yesterday scars the psyche. We can’t afford to see leaders get away with murder and crimes against humanity just because out rigid pan African mindset is at work. To believe that flawed logic to the end would be very unbelievable: I refuse to buy into that sort of blurred rhetoric, with all my heart.

AN AIR OF FINALITY: I know for sure Pre-electoral bragging is watered down in the office by the realities of actual power (briefly, 1986-2016, breathe in twice) .The illusions some of these candidates project that the incredible complexities of politics and economics, (both at home and abroad), can be solved by the simplistic solutions has never been so spine-chilling. The past few years have been frightening and fitful seasons (See the exhibits of unconstitutional constitutionalism… ‘Invisible constitution’, Laurence tribe, Harvard Law school) with moral outrage and police brutality, I see the Law as the sacrosanct. No matter the time lapse between now and the time justice is served, I believe in legal redress. On Election Day: Remember; “If you don’t vote, you don’t count’-Vernon Ferdinand Dahmer.

Grace Abaho, Sr.
God bless y’all.


L-R: The Clintons and The Obamas
Photo Source: internet

Dear President Obama, I greet you in the name above all names. I waited to write to you my second letter after your final SOTU (state of the union) address not as my last letter to you but as a letter of appreciation for the almost concluded two terms of office .Allow me to first express how so humbled to write to a man whose name has been engraved upon the marble of history. I have fortunately had a few days to prepare otherwise I would make very terrible sentences herein. Again, I am lucky to address a man whose kindred spirit is ingrained in equality and the pursuit of happiness. The last time I wrote to you, I critiqued you. Today, I have very deep gratitude for how fundamentally influential you are and will forever be to my Life and I pray to the life of my descendants. I remember well, in the 2007 democratic primaries that shaped the arc of history of the American Dream, I didn’t support you then.Actually,apart from the inescapable thing we have in common,blackness,I didn’t pay attention to you until you beat my favorite democratic candidate then,sen.Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman of valor.

Onward, you emerged winner of the democratic ticket for national polls. For sure, that’s when you got my undivided attention for the very first time. I respect you for that Mr.President.Insignificant as I am, it took a lot of convicing.Surely, you won me to your side and gave me hope that indeed America needed you. Quick forward; the audacity of hope a speech that you delivered at the 2004 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Massachutes and Dr.King’s I have a Dream became the most hope triggering speeches I have ever heard. I do not know how many times I have revisited these two speeches. They are surely something an optimist needs to tell to the cynical. As a student of Dr.King’s teachings and ardent follower of his works, I got the audacity to believe that you were the true revelation of his dream. In you; I saw a president; the first black president of the United states of America. I want to say that yes, as punctuated by a repeated phrase ‘I have a Dream’, your words in the audacity of hope and Dr.King’s words became even more meaningful when you emerged winner of the 2008 presidential election.

January 2009, I remember vividly, we didn’t have Dstv at home then but I stayed out for the most part at the neighbor’s to watch the most historical inaugural ceremony in the world so far.That night, while you spoke, I thought about two things: one was how Dr.King would feel if he were seated right there and the other was the wonders of optimism---the audacity of Hope. Along the way, tears of joy uncontrollably found their way down my chin. I sure understood you heartily when you broke down as you gave your gun Violence,therefore.I know what it means to empathise;I have often told my peers here that to not empathize is to create more monsters. Back to that night of your first presidential inauguration, I had for a long time looked around for someone who would be the near equivalent of Dr.King’s oratory abilities; you were proof positive. I know you have heard a more far much worthier complement (from your wife, Michelle) but please allow me to say that you are one of the greatest orators of the 21st century. I cannot elocute as gracefully as you did in 2004 and as Dr.King did in 1963, with ‘I have a Dream’ and the ‘Audacity of Hope’ respectively. Because of you and Dr.King, I have a Dream, the power in the audacity of Hope. A dream that possibly one day you and I shall sit and talk about Hope and many other things I could fetch a leaf on from you.

Away from that, the greatest achievement being becoming the first black president of the United States, the second was making Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton the secretary of state. I remember well, in the 2008 Democratic Convention after Hillary had lost you; while addressing the convention, she and her husband President Bill Clinton called upon Americans to trust you with their vote. I am so certain the 18 million voters that Hillary had to her side in the early Democratic primary, whom she called to rally behind you, were so pivotal in your political career. Returning a favor just after being successfully elected and inaugurated as President of the United States was the most humane way to show gratitude. I am also darn sure it cemented a very strong bond not only with the Clintons but also with the American electorate. As an outside universal supporter, it was and still is one of the greatest politically mature decisions I have seen in my lifetime so far.

Presidency is not somewhere you land and sleep down on some bed of roses. As J Adams once said; “no man who has ever held the office of presidency would congratulate a friend upon obtaining it”. This is surely a very true statement for me all the way. I have seen some of the people I admire as great presidents, those who have served effortlessly, been only paid back my ungratefulness. A very immediate example is you Mr.President.With the ‘vow of obstructionism’ the republicans took after your first presidential victory, your biggest achievement has been being a victor amid all that yammering, fear mongering and bickering, Kudos Mr. President! Also to this, emerging a two times democratically elected president is telling and proof positive that yes you did great in your first term of office. As Paul Krugman put it a few weeks ago; ‘the republicans have successfully failed at trying to fail the President’. If you and read from John 1:5; “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it”. Allow me to toast to a successful president; President Barack H Obama. ;

A former president of the United States F Jefferson once said; “no man will ever bring out of the presidency the reputation which carries him into”. I totally agree. Profoundly, there are those who are disappointed with your almost concluded 8 years of presidency but again, there are those who are heartily thankful. This is two-fold: those that had hyper ventilated hopes and weren’t all met and those that expected you to fail but swam along with the tide along the way. To me, your presidential work and presentation has been very convincing enough to crown you a successful president.Well,you had a few miscalculations in some places but if there is anything the Americans and the rest of the world ought not to look for from you is perfection because that’s looking for the impossible. I have grown up very conscious of this; thankful person is thankful under all circumstances. A complaining soul complains even if he leaves in paradise”. In the word of the scripture; “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”-Luke 23:34 Before I leave this part of the vitriol you have had to leave with, allow me to thank your dear wife, Michelle Obama, for being phenomenally supportive all the way. I remember well, in her 2012 DNC speech she set a pace; cleared blockages you had to deal with right before they even happened. These words, Michelle’s words, always echo at the back of my mind:

“….like so many American families, our families weren’t asking for much. They didn’t begrudge anyone else’s success or care that others had much they did. Infact they admired it……..and standing before you four years ago, I didn’t want any of that to change if my husband became president.Well,today,after so many struggles and triumphs and moments that have tested my husband in ways I have never imagined, I have seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are---it reveals who you are….i love that we can trust Barack to do what he says he is going to do even when its hard---especially when it is hard. I love Barack for to him there is no such a thing as ‘Us’ and ‘them’. He doesn’t care whether you are a democrat or republican or none of the above, he is always willing to listen to good ideas. And I love that in the toughest moments, when we are sweating it and there is no margin for error, Barack never gets distracted by the noise and chatter…..” 

Mr. President, you and your daughters, America and the rest of the world are blessed to have Michelle as the first lady of the United States. Especially you, Mr.President.May God bless her phenomenal soul.

As an air of finality, I want to say that I do not write this you as any authority figure but as a very great admirer of your Life’s work and achievements. You have achieved a lot in your almost done 8 years of presidency, they speak for themselves loudly, I can’t repeat them here.My sincere utmost gratitude to you sir for being an authentic,inspirational,sympathetic,empathetic ,loving and caring human being. Your importance will not slide off when you are done with your presidency. I can assure you, you will forever be a towering legend and a beacon in the arc of history of not only the American dream but also, the whole world. You are the true redefinition of Hope. God bless you and your beautiful family. God bless America and; the whole world.
Grace Abaho,Sr.