Thursday, 6 February 2014


Death seems real when you head to the grave; Jan 17th 2007,it was so real to me. Never before had i ever felt so hopeless like that day. I couldn't help it but only broke down into tears that ran down my cheeks uncontrollably. It didn't matter anymore seeing crowds of people who came to say their final respects. The sermons and eulogies made it 'easier-harder' The well-lived Life as the eulogies went kept re-echoing in my mind. The hard truth was that mom was gone and the only hope to see her again was in the future. Albeit,this seems forever.I Knew moma had finished evolving and doing what she was supposed to do. She had faught the good fight and it was time for her to rest. The mantle was now passed on unto us to keep racing with the realities of Life, This was quite challenging as the haters began from the first day began to feast on the road of how the mighty had fallen. Rage and fury filled me that even the people who always played family friends lost their dress of masquerade to reality. We lived with many pretentious fops and now that i knew,it was time to be cautious. Mom,May your soul rest in Peace.

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