Monday, 30 December 2013


51 years ago on this day,oct 9TH My late mum was born(RIP) as Uganda pulled out of the hands of the imperialists I knew it all the years i lived with her here on earth.... That mummy was heaven sent....she was a game changer. Six years ago when she left to be with the Lord, As we sobbed and felt so lost We all said it deep in our Hearts:"GONE TOO SOON" As Uganda a country with which my mum celebrates her Birthday clocks 51, I Undoubtedly believe that momma is 51 years too in Heaven. Dead as she is,she still lives right here in my heart and will forever be. Mum,always know that your Legacy will forever be, I ,we,miss you so very much here on earth BUT we carry hope in our Hearts that we shall meet again someday. Your loving kindness to the People you helped has been passed unto us And we shall pay it forward like you taught us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY UGANDA. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

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