Monday, 9 December 2013


I have met challenges all my life seeing people who are so ungrateful: they always want to find something to critique, I am so very clear on this,no man who has ever held the office of presidency would congratulate a friend upon getting it. I am so very sickened by every one who thinks in their cockroach heads that the global icon the late Nelson Madiba Mandela betrayed us when he reconciled the blacks and whites without reservations for revenge based on their old follies. I once again want to say this ,my, rather our hero was very clear that he was so determined to end racial imbalance for both the whites and the blacks, he did that and any sensible soul should really appreciate. Every one is overly entitled to their opinion but you have to be aware that: Every time you open your month or pen down something,you let men look into your mind. To you that are preaching the gospel of betrayal against the background of what you intend to call saintly reconciliation, you are so full of shit! Let me tell you what you don't know; Nelson Mandela Pictured himself delivering the perfect presentation, and absorbed the energy of reconciliation. The propaganda of Mandela's betrayal was spread by the former wife Winnie who mixed family issues to make it look like he was to carry the blame, If you fall suit,you are as good as stupid. Mandela brought freedom to south Africa that was torn a thunder by apartheid after years of torture in the lime pit, you should be grateful for this sacrifice.honestly!! Do you know Winnie the most scandalous woman in this issue refused to give Mandela his rights as man to an extent of making him the loneliest man in the world? Did you or did you ever read about why the two divorced? In his own words the icon presented this in court: ""The bedroom is where a man and woman discuss the most intimate details. There were so many things I wanted to discuss with her, but she is the type of person who fears confrontation. I was the loneliest man during the period I stayed with her" what do you expect from such venomous slanderer? you are no better than her if you think the twenty eight years in prison were for betrayal! RIP NELSON MADIBA MANDELA

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