Monday, 30 December 2013


We have ALL encountered dogs that have been so mistreated that when you approach them, they lie down,flop over onto their backs and put their Paws up in the air in a totally defenceless Posture. Some People act in the same way: "It's my fault,i screwed up-i deserve a whipping,so let me assume the Position" They communicate to the world their understanding that in every Situation,there are 'whippers' and 'whipees',and that they expect to be the whipee. Paws us People have made it clear that there is a Pecking order and they expect to be at the bottom. The world will gladly accomodate them, If you want to know the the truth,here is the Truth: "The Primary cause of Unhappiness is never the Situation but the thought about it" Beware of the thoughts you are thinking;Seperate them from the Situation which is always Neutral IT IS AS IT IS Stop looking outside for the scrap of Pleasure or Fulfilment, for Validation,Security or Love__You have a TREASURE within that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.

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