Monday, 30 December 2013


The Place called stuck,i dont like it. I'm not fond of it.I dont like how it feels__ensnared by a trap. I set the trap myself.I know it.I admit to it I work hard to escape,grasping out in the world for the right Inspiration. Waiting for the mood,the right time I know what i have to do but cant get myself to do it. As it will entail chewing my arm. I see others doing it,exuding Passion in what they are doing. And i remain here in this spot; Running furiously,trampling my dreams but not getting anywhere. The drama of it all Procrastination.Fear.Fatigue.Anxiety, Worry that won't be Perfect or good enough. We've all been here.I know because i have asked People. Yes,it happens to the best and the brightest of Us But why and how in the world do we get out and get moving into that groove that feels good? If you are like me__and this has,no doubt,happened to you in some way you would read this far __berate yourself about getting started on something.Anything.Just to begin. Beginning is the most important of work. JOY-FILLED NEW YEAR

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