Monday, 9 December 2013


Dear diary, It is just a few days counting to the day we have long awaited. A day the world celebrates the life achievements of and yet still, the day we shall pay the last respects to the man who bent the of men at a time when they were STIFF. The heart bender,the open hearted,the visionary and undeniably forgiving soul of the century, NELSON MADIBA MANDELA. The day comes at a time when the questions still bubble through my mind on who carry on now. To wear the shoes that no man alive can fit in but borrow the nature and make of the shoes he wore. An icon with the true kindred spirit of the African soil! Here i am right now looking for the beginning and yet the end has to make sense, After reading about and seeing a life well-lived. A life that profoundly spells out a LEGACY. At a time when the hearts of many were crowded with hatred,he spread the gospel of reconciliation. At a time when there was no hope,he gave hope to millions of people. At a time when there was total darkness in the woods,he came through like an angelic being. At a time when there was mass violation of human rights,he was ready to fight till the last drop of his blood. At time when almost everyone gave up on the battle,he sacrified to go through the insurmountable Pain. This man of immortal legacy, our father, Friend, Counselor, and the true kindred spirit,NELSON MADIBA MANDELA,was available to make things right. His principled stand in defense of the fundamental equality of all human beings was decisive in dismantling the system of apartheid. That is wisdom for today as we strive to help the vulnerable, end armed conflict, protect human rights and create the better world for which Nelson Mandela gave so much. His remarkable compassion upon his release from prison after 27 years set that South Africa immediately on a path of dialogue and reconciliation shall forever live in the hearts of many. Rest in Peace our loving father,mentor and friend NELSON MADIBA MANDELA.

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