Monday, 30 December 2013


Seven months ago when i penned 'a Friend called Grace' it was overly about God's grace towards me. I can never be more grateful to Him because he has always been there for me unconditionally. Two decades and four years ago i survived childhood death by the grace of God ,and,today i am what i am what i am by the grace of God. It has been soft and rough traversing the years but you know what, His grace has been Sufficient for me. I am so grateful to God for all the Providence,it overwhelms me. Grace is the Power that calls us to change and gives the Power to pull it out. I have had this grace from the first day here on earth,it has been with me all the way and i carry hope in my heart it will be with me to the end. It is the grace at the beginning and the end that i am talking about. It was and will be with me when i breathe my last. When you and I come to our death beds,the one thing that helped us in the beginning. My Life started with grace, It has continued with grace, and will end with grace. By the grace i am what i am.Yet not I,but by the grace of God

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