Monday, 2 December 2013


#From:GRACE ABAHO #TO: THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA My beloved government, It has come to my knowledge that you are reconsidering amendments to the KCCA ACT 2010 in a bid to end the rifts between the Kampala mayor and the KCCA ED. It has been quite an issue for the citizens on finding the most significant "why" to the racus in town since the inception of the KCCA. Today when i read it in the papers that you are reconsidering amendments i was so overwhelmed with Joy.It is now that you seem to be tackling the source of the problem. When you appointed madam Jennifer,you practically made the mayor toothless__the ED to the KCCA was given power to the extremes.I do not know why it took you almost forever to realize you gave birth to the problem. The inception of the KCCA was a very wonderful idea.Even amid the unclear line of authority and span of control,we can see some achievements already. Yes,the mayor,ERIAS LUKWAGO could have been stubborn at some point.But do you notice he was put into a situation? Thinking about re-strategising is a wonderful idea too but the fundamental question is: "How are you going to make amendments?" The opposition and other citizens think you could have messed up by failing to set clear lines so please dont mess it up yet again. Insanity is doing the same thing again and again expecting different results.My candid advice to you is,let it be PARTICIPATORY AMENDMENTS. It now makes sense,you cant take a log from your neighbor's eye before taking out that in your own.Do the math yet again!I wish you luck. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

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