Monday, 30 December 2013


It always seems impossible until it is done. Its been a really long year filled with Joy and Sorrow, It is so great the two are twins,they complement each other. No honest Person can tell you they were always happy. Life is a roll coaster of Ups and downs. At this time of the year when everyone is counting the days down, We tend to hold People or worse,situations culpable for Failures. If only this notion of:'it is because of them' died out, I would say everyone is good to go for the New Year. It all takes learning that some setbacks are traps for our comeback. For things you have achieved,congrats. For Failures you've made,you can do better next year. Don't hang in there thinking it is done if you hit the Jackpot, And if you were the fortunate unlucky tell yourself; 'It takes a real man to rise up again after every fall' You are far much better than you think!

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