Saturday, 30 November 2013


Dear J.Musisi|E.Lukwago: It is my heartfelt pain that i finally speak out on the mess you have caused to this city. It is so disturbing to see two learned minds rubbing shoulders every compass direction i take and everyday i wake up.I am sure the two of you can do better than that. The inception of the KCCA by the government was for the greater good of Kampala but right now you have turned it into Kampala Capital Chaos Association. It beats my understanding and i think the understanding why the two of you have stable families and you haven't filed for divorce at any one time.If you can be good parents back home,why then do you fight in the limelight? I don't know why it happens....i am lost in contemplation albeit i know one thing about the government and opposition,they always compete to win mass support? My candid advice to you is that you begin looking at Kampala far beyond your individual selves.Your fights disorganize the city so very much.cant you reach a compromise? To you Jennifer: I appreciate what you have done for the city....i have told you many is not good though to watch what you have put together fall to pieces.You don't have to fight to impeach Lukwago;you can still do good without him.I am not sure where your rifts started but it is not cool fighting all the time. To you Erias, what is gone wrong?you know everyone thinks you are the problem.i am sure you are aware of that and there are better ways of washing yourself werent born a mayor,it is acquired.Bèfore you were the mayor you had a Life....a peaceful life.i am sure you whether you are impeached or reinstated,you will still be a successful citizen.shake it off! A few years ago i went for a dialogue with some was for positivists and naturalists,the latter couldn't come to an agreement with the former. i am sure you did that in law school(both of you).is it what you too are doing?i hope not! I have always said and i will say this:If you are not the problem,it is someone else.Find the cause of the problem,treat it and see if you don't reconcile. People go on the streets to demonstrate because both of you are important to our society.could you please let us benefit from your talents peacefully? Yours sincerely, Abaho Grace.

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