Saturday, 30 November 2013


Dearest Hon.Frank and Mr.Yasin, I greet you all in your respective dignities.I am so very happy to have finally put down to appreciate the work done to mitigate the chaos in and around the city.I come in Peace as well to give you good counsel. It would be very unfortunate failing to appreciate the work you have done already but it would also be weird failing to pass on good counsel. To you #Yasin, It was great when you came in when the mayor was almost torn to pieces both psychologically,emotionally and physically.I was at some Point wondering whether we have the Judiciary in Uganda until you came in and said something.I hope you are going to play on much as they hurl insults and threats against you.I thank you.Please stay within the Law and we shall surely do great to find a lasting solution. To you #Frank, I thank you for the work you have done well and would like to speak some sense to you as well.I remember when you were appointed minister for Kampala many people made noise about it with chants of Tribalism Tribalism Tribalism!Do you remember the days? I have seen you do some great work since albeit the last rush hour impeachment of the mayor was quite unbecoming.Being the the minister of Kampala doesn't guarantee ownership over Kampala....the people own Kampala. If i am to remind you a little something about the law,No one is above the Law.If the court rules in favor of the Lord mayor,so shall it be just like when it rules in your favor. I have been reading the papers and i can see you insisting the impeachment still doesn't,till it is done.If you listen to me it could help:work with the judiciary and you wont regret your effort to this cause. You can do better together only if you work as a team.keep it in line with the law and handle it objectively.thank you! Yours sincerely, Abaho Grace.

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