Monday, 14 May 2012

"Mediation:A compass and a Path"

This Mind-and-body is the vessel of my Life.I want to know it with the same organic immersion that sets a snow goose flying ten thousands miles every winter spring.

When I started Meditation in 2007,People like my friends would say," that meditation is staring at your is self absorbed".I am in a world where you have to fight with the last drop of your blood to be the best;and-to get the best out of Life.Everyone knows it is preparation for something good for myself,family,friends and the rest of the world.So if i meditate...that is preparation for the rest of my is a self education and one you want to renew every day.I sit to anchor and organise my Life around my heart and mind,and to radiate to others what I find.

>Spend some time observing and Learning from your own Mind and Body today.